Why In-Ground Trampolines Are Best

 “We want a trampoline!” Chances are you have been hearing that from your children and now you’re truly considering it. Have you ever wondered why in-ground trampolines are best? Did you know about in-ground trampolines when your children first started asking for a trampoline?

Are there benefits to an in-ground trampoline? YES! The main one is that an in-ground trampoline reduces injuries caused by “height” jumps, blends into your landscape, looks appealing in your backyard all while providing great bounce for your rebounding exercises!

Why In-Ground Trampolines Are Best

  1. Safety is the most important benefit to an in-ground trampoline. The height factor of an in-ground trampoline compared to an above ground, traditional trampoline means that the distance between the ground and the rebounder is reduced. As with anything you use, injury can still occur, but a height-related injury or fall is reduced. An above ground trampoline can also injure a child or anyone who crawls beneath the trampoline while others are jumping on it — this cannot happen with an in-ground trampoline.
  2. Advanced safety in the fact that there are no metal pieces exposed on an in-ground trampoline. Your in-ground trampoline comes with a spring pad cover that protects those using the trampoline from landing on any hard metal springs and the retaining wall. The protective pad covers the lip of the in-ground trampoline up to the retaining wall and then extends a couple of additional inches to protect you even further. You can also invest in a safety net adapter kit that installs on the outside of the retaining walls to allow for a safety net enclosure to the entire in-ground trampoline.
  3. Aesthetic appeal. Above ground trampolines, let’s be honest, are unsightly in your beautifully landscaped backyard. An in-ground trampoline is an attractive alternative because the sightline in your yard isn’t obstructed by the unappealing metal frame of an above ground sytem. Your beautiful backyard and its landscaping will not be impacted by the installation of an in-ground trampline.

If you’re looking at a trampoline as a way to get a healthy, fun exercise routine, then you won’t be sorry! The performance of an in-ground trampoline is the same as that you’d get from an above ground model. An in-ground trampoline is ideal for the weekend rebounder, the gymnast, cheerleader or karate expert looking to improve his or her balance and strengthen his or her core and legs.

The pad of an in-ground trampoline is designed to allow for maximum airflow which makes rebounding fun and enjoyable. You get as much bounce power — if not more — with an in-ground trampoline than you’d expect! Give us a call if you have questions or are ready to make the leap (see what we did there!) into owning an in-ground trampolline.

Burn More Calories On A Trampoline Than On A Jog

Can you burn more calories on a trampoline than on a jog? Proponents of being on a trampoline — rebounding — as a form of exercise say, “yes you definitely can!”

Did you know: 

  1. You can burn as many calories with ten minutes of rebounding than you can on a thirty minute jog?
  2. Fitness classes featuring trampolines are becoming more popular
  3. Rebounding is so much fun it doesn’t feel like exercise

Using a trampoline to get in shape is a smart idea. Why? 

  1.  You won’t injure your knees or joints like you might on a jog. Trampoline exercise allows you a way to exercise on a “soft” surface
  2. Running or jogging can lead to injuries
  3. You can get a great workout, burn calories and strengthen your lymphatic system by rebounding
  4. As mentioned, you burn more calories in a shorter amount of time
  5. It helps with balance and coordination

 You burn more calories on an inground trampoline because you’re on an unsteady surface and you’re engaging your core muscles to keep your balance and sto stay upright. It’s an exercise platform that astronauts have used when they return from space missions; because they have been in zero gravity, their muscles atrophy — being on an inground trampoline helped ot ease them back into effectiveness without compromising their bodies.

If you’re a Baby Boomer who is looking for a way to ease into an exercise routine or to move away from the jarring motion of jogging or running, look at an inground trampoline as a way to enhance your current workout. If you’ve been living a sedentary lifestyle, rebounding on an inground trampoline is an ideal way to ease yourself back into fitness and into being active because you can get up, get moving and not worry about injuries as long as you’re using the trampoline as recommended.

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