What Muscles Benefit From Rebounding?

You know that jumping on an in-ground trampoline is fun but have you ever wondered what muscles benefit from rebounding? The answer may surprise you — a LOT of them!

When you jump on a trampoline, also known as rebounding, you are reaping many health benefits — you’re getting healthy, you’re working your legs and your cardio vascular system, you are working on your balance and you’re just having fun!

What Muscles Benefit From Rebounding?

  1. Your abs. When you jump and land you need to tighten your stomach muscles to keep your balance. When you do this, and when you truly concentrate on doing this you are strengthening your ab muscles. Will you get six-pack abs from a rebounding workout? Maybe, maybe not, but you will have fun trying!
  2. Legs, thighs, and butt. Jumping helps strenghten your muscles and when you’re jumping and keeping your balance you’re working and tightening those muscles and your glutes.
  3. Arms. Swing your arms when you jump. It will help give you lift off and will also give them a bit of a work out. Add hand weights if you want extra resistance.
  4. Your heart and lungs. If you’re constantly in motion, you’re getting healthier with every jump. Your heart and your lungs will thank you for it.

A major benefit of using a trampoline as a workout device, is that you won’t be putting any stress or strain on your muscles or joints and that is ideal for sufferers of joint pain. Running or jogging puts stress and strain and can cause you to be in pain once the workout is done. Rebounding means you’re landing on a soft surface and therefore aren’t jarring your joints. It’s a great low impact workout.  If you’re loolking for a way to get in shape and not cause an injury or if you’re recovering from an injury, jumping on an in-ground trampoline might be just what the doctor ordered.


3 In-Ground Trampoline Safety Tips

Flying through the air with the greatest of ease — that’s what comes to mind when you jump on an in-ground trampoline. Rebounding — jumping on a trampoline — is fun and healthy. We offer these 3 in-gound trampoline safety tips. They are common sense and items most people who use in-ground trampolines already know, but it’s never bad to have a refresher on safety tips, right? Right!

3 In-Ground Trampoline Safety Tips

Remove jewelry. You may not have considered this, but remove necklaces, earrings, bracelets and even rings that might get caught when you’re jumping on an in-ground trampoline. Put a little jewelry container next to the in-ground trampoline so it’s convenient to remove them and retrieve them. You don’t want to snag the trampoline surface, nor do you want to risk falling and somehow having an earring or necklace get caught on the trampoline.

Keep it clear. When the in-ground trampoline is installed, look at the area where you are putting it with a critical eye. Are there any overhead wires? Any low hanging tree branches? Are you close enough to the house that you could hit the roof or gutters? A clear, open space is the safest placement for your in-ground trampoline.

Safety accessories. In-ground trampolines are inherently safer than above ground trampolines, but you still need to check it to assure it’s safe every time you use it. Make certain the pads are covering the springs. Check the springs to assure they are all in place and that none of them are rusted. You can add an enclosure to an in-ground trampoline, although many in-ground trampoline owners opt to not do that as it detracts from the sightlines — it is a personal call. Check the bounce area of the in-ground trampoline to assure they are safe as well.

Take off your shoes and prepare to jump your way to fun and good health on an in-ground trampoline. Let us know if you have any questions about safety or other in-ground trampoline information you’d like.

Benefits Of Barefoot Rebounding

When is the last time you went barefoot? We currently live in a time where children (and adults) wear shoes most of the time. We’ve moved away from the joys and health benefits that being barefoot brings. Benefits of barefoot rebounding also figure into the “ditch the shoes” movement we want to start!

Being at one with nature means trodding the ground without shoes. When we were children, chances are the soles of our feet were as “tough as shoe leather” because once summer vacation started, we kicked off our shoes and didn’t put them back on until September and school started again.

Because we are always wearing shoes, our feet can no longer cope with climbing on rocks, stepping on pebbles or thorns or managing to walk on a hot sidewalk or road.

Benefits Of Barefoot Rebounding

We always recommend barefoot trampolining because you don’t to damage the surface of your trampoline. Here are other benefits of being barefoot on your in-ground trampoline:

  1. When you feel the ground beneath your feet you have better balance. Walking barefoot helps your vestibular system — your balance. This is important for senior citizens to help them keep from falling.
  2. Your health begins with your feet. Diabetics run the risk of many foot issues and those who are overweight are at risk of diabetes. Keeping your feet healthy starts when you’re young and goes throughout your life.
  3. A little dirt is good for you! When you walk barefoot you are stimulating your nervous system and this can help improve your immunity.

Going barefoot will help strengthen you, enhance your balance and when you’re barefoot on an in-ground trampoline it’s just more fun!

Take off your shoes when you’re on the in-ground trampoline and you will have better balance and will be better able to feel the give and bounce of the trampoline beneath you. You can feel the sun-warmed trampoline beneath your toes and you will be helping your balance as well as your overall health by rebounding.

Why In-Ground Trampolines Are Best

 “We want a trampoline!” Chances are you have been hearing that from your children and now you’re truly considering it. Have you ever wondered why in-ground trampolines are best? Did you know about in-ground trampolines when your children first started asking for a trampoline?

Are there benefits to an in-ground trampoline? YES! The main one is that an in-ground trampoline reduces injuries caused by “height” jumps, blends into your landscape, looks appealing in your backyard all while providing great bounce for your rebounding exercises!

Why In-Ground Trampolines Are Best

  1. Safety is the most important benefit to an in-ground trampoline. The height factor of an in-ground trampoline compared to an above ground, traditional trampoline means that the distance between the ground and the rebounder is reduced. As with anything you use, injury can still occur, but a height-related injury or fall is reduced. An above ground trampoline can also injure a child or anyone who crawls beneath the trampoline while others are jumping on it — this cannot happen with an in-ground trampoline.
  2. Advanced safety in the fact that there are no metal pieces exposed on an in-ground trampoline. Your in-ground trampoline comes with a spring pad cover that protects those using the trampoline from landing on any hard metal springs and the retaining wall. The protective pad covers the lip of the in-ground trampoline up to the retaining wall and then extends a couple of additional inches to protect you even further. You can also invest in a safety net adapter kit that installs on the outside of the retaining walls to allow for a safety net enclosure to the entire in-ground trampoline.
  3. Aesthetic appeal. Above ground trampolines, let’s be honest, are unsightly in your beautifully landscaped backyard. An in-ground trampoline is an attractive alternative because the sightline in your yard isn’t obstructed by the unappealing metal frame of an above ground sytem. Your beautiful backyard and its landscaping will not be impacted by the installation of an in-ground trampline.

If you’re looking at a trampoline as a way to get a healthy, fun exercise routine, then you won’t be sorry! The performance of an in-ground trampoline is the same as that you’d get from an above ground model. An in-ground trampoline is ideal for the weekend rebounder, the gymnast, cheerleader or karate expert looking to improve his or her balance and strengthen his or her core and legs.

The pad of an in-ground trampoline is designed to allow for maximum airflow which makes rebounding fun and enjoyable. You get as much bounce power — if not more — with an in-ground trampoline than you’d expect! Give us a call if you have questions or are ready to make the leap (see what we did there!) into owning an in-ground trampolline.

Burn More Calories On A Trampoline Than On A Jog

Can you burn more calories on a trampoline than on a jog? Proponents of being on a trampoline — rebounding — as a form of exercise say, “yes you definitely can!”

Did you know: 

  1. You can burn as many calories with ten minutes of rebounding than you can on a thirty minute jog?
  2. Fitness classes featuring trampolines are becoming more popular
  3. Rebounding is so much fun it doesn’t feel like exercise

Using a trampoline to get in shape is a smart idea. Why? 

  1.  You won’t injure your knees or joints like you might on a jog. Trampoline exercise allows you a way to exercise on a “soft” surface
  2. Running or jogging can lead to injuries
  3. You can get a great workout, burn calories and strengthen your lymphatic system by rebounding
  4. As mentioned, you burn more calories in a shorter amount of time
  5. It helps with balance and coordination

 You burn more calories on an inground trampoline because you’re on an unsteady surface and you’re engaging your core muscles to keep your balance and sto stay upright. It’s an exercise platform that astronauts have used when they return from space missions; because they have been in zero gravity, their muscles atrophy — being on an inground trampoline helped ot ease them back into effectiveness without compromising their bodies.

If you’re a Baby Boomer who is looking for a way to ease into an exercise routine or to move away from the jarring motion of jogging or running, look at an inground trampoline as a way to enhance your current workout. If you’ve been living a sedentary lifestyle, rebounding on an inground trampoline is an ideal way to ease yourself back into fitness and into being active because you can get up, get moving and not worry about injuries as long as you’re using the trampoline as recommended.

Give us a call today to find out about how to get your own inground trampoline.

A History Of Trampolines

When you and your family are out in the backyard enjoying fun on the trampoline, have you ever talked about a history of trampolines? They aren’t just for jumping in the backyard, that’s for sure!

Jumping also called, rebounding, on a trampoline is an Olympic sport and one that boasts anaerobic and aerobix health benefits, whether you’re using your own in-ground trampoline or are using one at a trampoline park. In addition to the aerobic benefits, jumping on a trampoline is a low impact workout that tones your core and your leg muscles. Rebounding increases your balance and agility as well.

A History Of Trampolines

The first trampoline was built in the early 1900s by a gymnast, George Nissen, who was inspired by circus nets that the performers dropped into during trapezee routines. Even NASA and the Air Force use trampolines to train pilots and astronauts.

It was in the 2000 Olympic Games when trampolining became an official sport.

The health benefits of using a trampoline, as mentioned earlier are that it’s a low impact cardio workout. When you jump on a trampoline you are also not jarring your joints. When you jump on a trampoline you are also increasing your lymphatic circulation and helping to remove toxins from your body. Trampoline also is a great stress reliever — who can be upset or stress when you’re gravity free and bouncing in the air?

Make certain when you and your family are on your in-ground trampoline that you are jumping safely.

  1. Don’t have the trampoline installed near concrete, clotheslines, holes, trees or power lines.
  2. Don’t do backflips or somersaults to avoid neck injuries
  3. Only one person should jump at a time
  4. Children younger than six years shouldn’t be allowed to do any kind of high jumping. It might make sense to have a parent on there, holding their hands, while they jump.
  5. Remove all jewelry before jumping
  6. Make certain the springs are covered with safety pads

Looking for a way to impress your friends? Share the history of trampolines with them while you’re out using your in-ground trampoline.

What Are The Health Benefits Of An In-Ground Trampoline?

An in-ground trampoline is considered by many owners to be a fun place for your children to jump around and enjoy themselves. Did you know though, that there are many benefits of an in-ground trampoline as a workout piece of equipment for adults? It’s true!

When you exercise aka rebound on an in-ground trampoline you are able to stay healthy and fit and exercise without fear of injuring your bones or joints. Rebounding helps defy gravity, remove toxins from your body, increases your body’s blood flow and oxygen availabilit. When you are jumping on an in-ground trampoline you may also be reducing your levels of cholesterol and improving lmpthatic circulation — this is ideal for breast cancer survivors who may have had lymph nodes removed.

What Are The Health Benefits Of An In-Ground Trampoline?

Some of the benefits of using an in-ground trampoline include:

  1. It’s easy
  2. It’s a healthy way to work out
  3. You’ll increase your heart rate
  4. You will improve flexibility and improve your reflexes
  5. Rebounding helps maintain body balance
  6. If you rebound at least 30 minutes a day you may help defeat obesity
  7. Rebounding strengthens your muscles, ligaments and tendons
  8. You’ll see positive benefits on posture and lung capacity
  9. Your mood will improve because it’s so much fun!

If you’ve been thinking about getting an in-ground trampoline, contact us for more information.

Tumbling Your Way Into Shape

Have you ever wondered about tumbling your way into shape? If you have an in-ground trampoline it is an ideal way to not only have fun but to get in shape as well. Who can ask for more than that!?

It seems that most everyone is looking for ways to stay fit but are, frankly, bored with jogging, lifting weights and other forms of exercise. They want to stay fit and have fun while doing it. Rebounding exercises, on your in-ground trampoline, is one of the healthiest and safest exercises for both your joints and your cardiovascular system.

Tumbling Your Way Into Shape

Jogging puts stress on your joints as do other impact-based exercises. Jumping on an in-ground trampoline puts no stress or strain on your joints and it’s fun!

Did you know? Trampolining has been recognized as an Olympic sport and became one of the gymnastics sports in 2000. There is synchronized tramplolining — where two athletes perform identical routines on separate trampolines, there is also the mini-trampoline doubles and others.

You don’t have to have Olympic-sized ambitions to enjoy the fun of exercising on an in-ground trampoline.  Another benefit? If you have an in-ground trampoline, you don’t even have to leave your house in order to work out.

When you’re investing in an in-ground trampoline you need to find an area of your yard that has no obstructions — from above or off to the sides. You will need to decide what size trampoline to invest in and how much yard space you want to give up for it. Remember, though with an in-ground trampoline, it will virtually blend in with its surroundings — no unsightly above ground trampoline to detract from the beauty of your yard.

If you have children in the house you may want to check with their pediatrician as to whether it’s safe for them to jump on. He or she will likely say yes as long as there is always adult supervision and that only one child jumps at a time. Injuries arise when two jumping children crash into one another.

When you’re looking for a fun, healthful way to get in shape, look into rebounding!

In-Ground Trampolines: Fun & Healthy

In-ground trampolines, long-loved by children, are a great way to get in shape. It is one of the latest in a line of fitness crazes — but one with lasting power because rebounding helps you to maintain health in both mind and body. When you’re on a trampoline — rebounding — you are airborne and not having the weight of gravity releases feel-good hormones in your body. Add to the fact that you aren’t putting any stress or strain on yoru joints and you can see why jumping on an in-ground trampoline is ideal if you want to get and stay in shape.

In-Ground Trampolines: Fun & Healthy

When you regularly exercise on an in-ground trampoline you are helping push poisons and toxins out of your body just by the pure act of rebounding.

Jumping also provides positive health effects to your heart and cardiovascular system by increasing the oxygen available in your body. Rebounding helps strenghten your muscles and helps you maintain your body weight. Rebounding on an in-ground trampoline stimulates your body’s metabolism and aids in the digestive process — many, many benefits!

Did you know: Jumping on an in-ground trampoline is considered a high impact exercise and that helps to improve the strength and density of your bones. This can help reduce the risk of fractures. Rebounding is an exercise that doesn’t jar the bones and joints or your spine and that makes it ideal for anyone who suffers aches and pains from other types of exercise.

The many benefits of using an in-ground trampoline also include helping you to improve dexterity, hand-eye coordination, motor skills and to help maintain your balance.

You do need to assure you’re using your in-ground trampoline safely and that you have it set up correctly and have the safety pads in place. Inspect the in-ground trampoline before you begin your workout routine to assure everything is safe.

Here’s to your rebounding health!


Trampoline Safety Jumping Tips

Jumping on a trampoline is one of the closest ways you can get to flying! (Well, without being in an airplane, of course!)

Trampolines, especially in-ground trampolines, are growing in popularity. Why?

  1. They are a relatively inexpensive method of getting in shape in your own backyard.
  2. Children love them.
  3. Jumping on a trampoline is also a way to exercise without worry about hurting your hips, knees or other body parts!

Trampoline Safety Jumping Tips

If you’re going to join the growing legions of families who have an in-ground trampoline, here are some safety measures you should have in place and that you should enforce and your children need to be fully aware of!

  1. All jumping must be supervised
  2. No somersaults unless you have a trained professional on site
  3. Remove all jewelry, earrings and other items that could get caught on the trampoline
  4. No shoes on the trampoline — you can wear special trampoline footwear or socks
  5. Only one person should jump at a time (this may be a rule that can have a caveat — if a toddler or young child wants to jump, an adult can stand with him and hold his hands while he jumps. Some children, though will be happy jumping and tumbling on their own while mom and dad just watch.)

What are some of the main causes of injury when on a trampoline? Here are a few: 

  1. Jumping into another person
  2. Landing in a way that causes injury
  3. Falling off the trampoline (this isn’t an issue with an in-ground trampoline

How can you make certain your in-ground trampoline is as safe as it can be? 

  1. Make sure the springs are covered
  2. Make certain the in-ground trampoline is clean and free of debris
  3. Make certain the in-ground trampoline is not near any trees or swingsets

Adults should always be present to supervise the activity on an in-ground trampoline. Just as you wouldn’t leave your children alone in a swimming pool, neither should you leave them on a trampoline.


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