Get healthy on a trampoline

How can you get in shape in your own backyard in a way that won’t be jarring on your muscles and joints? By using an in-ground trampoline you can get and stay in shape in a way that won’t stress your joints. Talk wtih your doctor to make certain that exercising on an in-ground trampoline is something you’re physically fit enough to begin, but we will bet he or she says, “yes!”

An in-ground trampoline is a “rebounding device” that is designed to take the user to un accustomed heights and allows you to try out a variety of movements when you’re air borne. Exercising on an in-ground trampoline is generally considered fun healthy exercise for all members of the family.

 Get healthy on a trampoline

If you’ve ever seen a child on an in-ground trampoline, you know the joy in their faces reflects the joy you can have — even if you’re exercising! Those who are into fitness know that jumping on a trampoline will work the body and will also help lighten your mood — because of the endorphins that are being released as well as for the sheer joy of jumping.

 Building strength and stamina are two of the many benefits of jumping on an in-ground trampoline. Whether you jump on it specifically for exercise or to have fun with your children you will likely see a burst in energy. This isn’t just a mental effect, it’s been shown that the act of bouncing up and down against gravity is one of the most beneficial aerobic exercises you can undertake. 

 Children on in-ground trampolines require supervision and they need to understand the “rules” before they use it. 

Bottom line: The benefits of rebounding can improve dexterity, motor skills and your eye-hand coordination. 

You may buy an in-ground trampoline for the children to enjoy, but we bet you will find yourself looking for ways to use it and fit it into your workout routine. 

Unique Use For Your In-Ground Trampoline

Chances are you’ve heard of a “campoline”? If you haven’t it is one of the latest things in ways to enjoy your in-ground trampoline and entertain the children. Summer may be almost coming to an end in many parts of the country, but there are still many warm weekends ahead and if that’s the case where you live, you may want to let your children have a sleep over, outside on the in-ground trampoline

Campoline is a phrase that people are using to indicate they are camping on their in-ground trampoline. To do this they are investing in pop up tents that will sit on top of the trampoline and the children can sleep there — off the ground, in a comfortable space. Sleepovers are those events that children will long remember and are a great way for your kids to have fun with their friends in the safety of your backyard.  Depending on the age of the kids, Mom and Dad may want to set up a pop up tent close to the trampoline and sleep out under the stars as well. 

Unique Use For Your In-Ground Trampoline

Sleeping out of doors may be something that your children want to do, but they aren’t keen on sleeping on the ground. If you have an in-ground trampoline you have taken away the “sleeping on the ground” aspect of camping. Before the in-ground trampolie becomes a sleeping space, you can rest assured that the kids will while away many hours jumping and playing on the in-ground trampoline while the adults relax in the backyard and enjoy the fun the young ones are having. 

Once the kids get tired out, the sun goes down, the s’mores are eaten you can open the pop up tent, toss in some sleeping bags and pillows and the kids can drift off to sleep enjoying nature while being off the hard ground. 

Talk with us before you set up a pop up tent on your in-ground trampoline to make certain it’s safe and won’t damage the trampoline. Here’s to a happy Labor Day! 


In-ground Trampolines Benefit Outdoor Aesthethics

Your children have been bugging you to get a trampoline, but you think “a trampoline on ‘stilts’ and the netting will become the focus of the backyard ‘decor’ and we don’t want that.” Hey, we get it! If you have a swimming pool and a backyard in which you love entertaining friends and family you may not want to detract from your landscaping. There are ways that in-ground trampolines benefit outdoor aesthetics — they certainly will not detract from it.

In addition to not detracting from your outdoor aesthetics, an in-ground trampoline is a great way to get in shape without injuring your joints and in a much safer way as well. An in-ground trampoline has its bouncing surface that is level to the ground rather than raised above it.

In-ground Trampolines Benefit Outdoor Aesthethics

When you’re adding an in-ground trampoline to your backyard you will need to dig a hole deep and wide enough to accommodate the trampoline (your trampoline kit will come with directions) and you will want to add a retaining wall around the edge of the hole and will add concrete footers to assure the in-ground trampoline stays in place. 

You can purchase an in-ground trampoline kit that comes with instructions and all you need to do to add one to your home. An in-ground trampoline can cost around $3,500 or more depending on its size. You’ll notice that when you dig the hole and place the in-ground trampoline, it will be virtually invisible and will not detract from your landscaping. You can also add unique landscaping to the in-ground trampoline area to set it apart from the rest of the yard as a “statement” piece or you can have it seamlessly blend in. 

Above ground trampolines do nothing to add to the aesthetics of your backyard, in fact, they detract from it. Also, you need to consider that if you live in an area prone to high winds, your above ground trampoline could very easily be picked up and carried away. 

In-ground Trampolines Are Safer Than Others

Many a summer hour is spent by children jumping on trampolines and for good reason. They are just plain fun! Children and adults love trampolines. The idea of jumping high in the air and bouncing lightly back to ear, the wind in your hair and the feeling of being weightless is a carefree way to spend a day.

A trampoline, though can cause a safety hazard unless you opt for an in-ground, sometimes called a pit, trampoline. This safer alternative is one that many families are choosing as a way to have the fun of jumping on a trampoline without the worries of injury.

In-ground Trampolines Are Safer Than Others

Above ground trampolines are the best known and most frequently seen in backyards. Parents seeking a safer alternative to above ground trampolines are looking at in-ground trampolines because they don’t have as many safety hazards and that is the benefit of switching to an in-ground rather than an above ground trampoline for your family.

In-ground trampolines physically sit in a pit in the ground leaving the bouncing surface at ground level. This placement eliminates many of the dangers caused by having an above ground trampoline. Once you buy an in-ground trampoline you will need to find an area in the yard to excavate the pit for the type, size and style of in-ground trampoline you’ve purchased. 

 When you dig the hole for the trampoline, be careful and assure you are following all of the instructions because a badly designed pit for the trampoline could lead to injury. The pit should be deep enough that the trampoline’s bounce surface is at ground level. Keep the pit drained of any water and make sure there is sufficient drainage to keep the pit dry and the area well-ventilated. Build a wall to help retain the pit’s shape so it doesn’t crumble and weaken the integrity of the in-ground trampoline. 



Health Benefits Of Jumping On A Trampoline

Jumping on a trampoline, also known as “rebounding” is a great way to get in shape. Also, jumping on a trampoline means you can exercise in a way that doesn’t cause undue stress or strain on your muscles or joints because you’re jumping onto a surface that “gives” rather than remains solid, as if you were running or jumping on the ground, for example. 

Here are some health benefits of jumping on a trampoline 

  1. Boosts your energy
  2. Detoxifies your body 
  3. Increases your white blood cells
  4. Stimulates your lymphatic system (which helps remove toxins) 
  5. Improves digestion 
  6. Helps with weight loss 
  7. Builds bone mass (great for combatting osteoporosis)
  8. Helps reduce cellulite

We should have added to the list that another health benefit of rebounding on a trampoline is that it’s just plain fun! 

Rebounding is a from of exercise that is done on a trampoline — sometimes a mini trampoline, but an in-ground trampoline is ideal, as well. The basic premise is that you will gently bounce on the trampoline and you will get in your rebounding workout. Keep in mind that you don’t have to jump high in the air to reap the benefits of this exercise program — your feet don’t even have to leave the trampoline. 

The practice of rebounding was made popular after a study performed by NASA found it was a beneficial exercise because it increased oxygenation to the cells of your body. Rebounding is more beneficial, and less harmful, to your body than is jogging on a hard packed surface because that can lead to joint stress. 

When you jump on an in ground trampoline you initially bounce upward, pause then for a second you are literally weightless. The G-force will cause you to come back to the surface of the in-ground trampline and that will increase your downward motion. The bigger the jump, the stronger the G-force your body creates. 

In order to get the highest health benefits from your rebounding workout, you will need an in-ground (or a mini) trampoline. Wear loose, comfortable clothing — just as you would for a workout routine — as this will allow for increased circulation of your lymphatic system to help your body release toxins. 

How to jump on an in-ground trampoline 

  1. You can keep your feet on the trampoline and do a series of small jumps. 
  2. You can do small jumps where your feet leave the trampoline
  3. You can make larger jumps to increase your G-force

Remember, the benefit of rebounding is that it is a gentle exercise, which means you don’t have to get highly airborne in order to reap the benefits of the routine. Bouncing, and bending your knees when you land is just as beneficial. 

To get the most from your rebounding workout, schedule time to do it several times a day, each day of the week. Because this workout routine doesn’t cause any stress or strain on your joints, you don’t have to have “down days” to allow your body to recover — there is no recovery time necessary when you’re rebounding. Schedule your rebounding for three to five minute bursts of energy throughout the day. Moving at least a few minutes every hour will help keep you healthier. 

If you’re interested in learning more about in-ground trampolines, give us a call today! 


Benefits of in-ground trampolines

Is an In-Ground Trampoline better than an above ground trampoline?

This is a question we get asked all of the time when we talk with individuals and families who want to get a trampoline.

Benefits of in-ground trampolines

  1. An in-ground trampoline is safer than an above ground because of the height factor — the distance between the ground and the person jumping is reduced and this means it is safer. Can you still receive an injury? Yes, but the potential is lessened with an in-ground trampoline. Remember, any sport brings with it a risk of injury.  Using an in-ground trampoline is safer, too, because there are no exposed pieces of metal or springs. The springs are covered with pads and are designed to protect anyone from landing on the springs and injuring themselves. The in-ground trampolines we sell have an “over the lip” retaining wall and that provides additional inches of protection to those who use it. 
  2. When you have an in-ground trampoline, you don’t have an unsightly above ground structure in your yard that could draw attention away from your beautifully landscaped outdoor area. An in-ground trampoline means you won’t be gazing upon the unappealing metal frame of an above ground trampoline and it’s unsightly netting. 
  3. Whether you’re using your in-ground trampoline for exercise (it’s a great workout in a non-bone-jarring session), cheerleading, gymnastics or other exercise or fun, an in-ground trampoline delivers for everyone in the family. 
  4. The design of our in-ground trampolines allow for airflow in and out of the trampoline pit. The systems we sell have the highest caliber spring counts of any comparable trampoline. The springs of our in-ground trampolines are what give you the “bounce” on your trampoline when you’re using it. 
  5. Our products are American made with pre-galvanized springs that are designed for durability. 

If you’re considering giving your family the gift of a trampoline this summer, look no further than an in-ground trampoline. Give us a call today to find out more information about this unique family fun area. 


Trampoline Myths Debunked

If your children have been asking for their own trampoline, this is the summer you should say, “yes!” A trampoline is a staple of fun in gymnasiums nd backyards across the country, and in-ground trampolines make owning a trampoline even safer. Still not sure whether a trampoline is right for you? Here are a few myths you’ve probably heard about trampolines that we want to debunk for you.  

  1. Trampolines are just for kids. Not true! An in-ground trampoline is a great place for the entire family to have fun and get in shape. A trampoline is a great piece of fitness equipment that can help you lose weight, strengthen your muscles and your core and increase your stamina. Also, jumping on a trampoline will not put any stress or strain on your joints like jogging or running would. 
  2. Trampolines are round. While a round trampoline is popular, so too, are rectangle models. The style trampoline you get is based on the area where you want to have it placed in your yard and on personal preference. 
  3. All trampolines are the same. This is so not true, especially as it relates to an in-ground trampoline. If you see trampolines in the yards of friends and neighbors and they are on “stilts” you can tell they are definitely different than the much safer in-ground models. A trampoline, depending on size and style can be priced anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. When you’re investing in an in-ground trampoline you want to make certain you’re getting one that is of high quality and that it is the size and shape that best suits your family. 







If you’re considering an in-ground trampoline this year, check out our in-ground trampoline FAQs before you make any decisions. 

What Is An InGround Trampoline?

What Is An InGround Trampoline?

Do you remember the joy you had when you were a child and jumped on an inground trampoline, either at school, in your own backyard or at a friend’s house? If you do, you remember the feeling of flying through the air, bouncing back down and doing it all over again.

Playing on a trampoline is fun and is great exercise for both young and old. Chances are you have seen the above ground trampolines and their netting to keep children safe. Have you ever seen an in-ground trampoline?

What is an in-ground trampoline?

In-ground trampolines are those that have the frame under the surface of the ground, in a hole specifically excavated for that purpose. The frame of the trampoline is buried beneath the surface and has the same support structure as an above ground trampoline.

What are the benefits of an inground trampoline? Simply put: Safety. With an in-ground trampoline, there is less risk of a child or adult falling off of it while playing.

Aesthetically, an in-ground trampoline is more pleasing to the eye and to your backyard landscaping theme. Because your in-ground trampoline will be in the ground and that means you won’t have to see a metal frame and netting in your backyard which could negatively impact the look of your carefully landscaped lawn.

A sunken, or in-ground trampoline is specifically designed for in ground use. The in-ground trampoline will be delivered to your home and you will place it into the hole you have excavated. Many new in-ground trampoline owners decide to dig the hole themselves or they can hire a crew for a few hours to excavate the area for the in-ground trampoline.

An in-ground trampoline will have either heavy duty steel walls or legs to bury — it depends on the style you prefer.

If your children have been asking you for a trampoline, check out our in-ground trampoline site and begin the research process today! Contact us for questions about in-ground trampolines.




Now what?

You’ve done your research and you’ve made up your mind. An in ground trampoline system is going to be the newest addition to your backyard. Now for the hard part, who do we hire someone to do the installation? Do we do it ourselves?

DIY: Can we do it ourselves? Yes! You can absolutely put the system together yourself. The hardest part is digging the hole. Assembling the system is a breeze. The system is easy to install and our step by step instructions will guide you through every step. We also offer free consulting on all of our products, so if you have any questions during installation were are here to help.

Hiring a professional: You’ve thought about it, weighed the pros and cons, and ultimately decided to hire someone. The first place to look is on the dealer page of the In-Ground Trampolines website. We have installers in over 25 states. Our certified installers are knowledgeable about our product and have prior experience installing them.

No dealer in your area: Unfortunately, we do not have installers in every city yet. Never fear! We can help you narrow down where to look. Landscapers, excavators, and pool builders are the type of contractors you want to look for. If you already have a landscaper that works in your yard, show them our instructions and ask them if they would feel comfortable installing one of our systems. Someone who already knows your yard, knows where the irrigations lines are and know what the soil conditions in your area would be a great person to ask. If you don’t have someone already working in your yard, that’s okay too. Look for a landscaper or someone with experience doing hardscapes, water features, or any sort of outside assembly. Again, we offer consulting on all of our systems, so we can help prepare the contractor for the installation of your In-Ground Trampoline.

Whether you are installing the IGT system yourself or you want to hire a contractor, we are available every step of the way.


What is rebounding? Rebounding is a form of exercise and physical therapy executed on a trampoline. Rebounding is commonly used to help children with limited mobility and those who suffer from neurological disorders. In addition, rebounding is a commonly used therapy for autism and down syndrome.

Rebounding therapy involves a series of movements done on the trampoline. The trampoline surface provides a low level of resistance, that gradually helps build muscle strength and increase balance. It provides a much more forgiving surface than the hard ground. It is also fun way to get in some exercise!

With a ground level trampoline system there is an extra measure of security. Rebounding and other trampoline exercises can be done with out the fear of falling from trampoline surface to the ground. An in ground trampoline system also offers the ability to easily access the trampoline surface, and it eliminates the chance of children crawling under the trampoline surface.


In-Ground Trampolines has a growing list certified dealers/installers. If you need a contractor in your area, we are happy to help you find one.

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