How To Clean An In-Ground Trampoline

Because your in-ground trampoline is out of doors you may not even think about having to clean it. If you’re wondering how to clean in in-ground trampoline and when, we offer some tips to help you with the process. Even though the trampoline is outside, it is exposed to the elements — rain, wind, dirt and debris — and that means you will want to set aside time occasionally to clean it.

A monthly or at least every monthly cleaning is in order to keep the surface clean of any small twigs or other outdoor elements. If sticks or twigs, pinecones or other outside detritus get on the mat and snag it, you could be faced with a mat that isn’t as reliable as it was before it got snagged and that could make it unsafe for use.

How To Clean An In-Ground Trampoline

  1. Clean the mat itself — the surface of the in-ground trampline. Remove any debris, being careful not to snag the mat. Make sure there are no toys or toy parts on the trampoline. Remove them and set them aside — these should be toys that are specifically approved for use on an in-ground trampoline — no toys that could cause injury.
  2.  Grab a soft bristle broom and sweep away any surface dirt off the side of the trampoline. Make sure none of the dirt or debris falls into the springs or protective pad covering. 
  3. Visually inspect the mat once it’s clean. Look for rips, holes and snags. If you notice damage, the trampoline may need to be repaired before it is safe for use again. Even a small hole can easily become larger when children jump on it. 
  4. Clean the mat with a bucket of warm, soapy water. Use a mild detergent such as a liquid dish soap. If you’re going to disinfect it, make sure you aren’t using anythning with harsh solvents or bleach. Ask us for the best type of soap to use on the mat because if it’s too harsh you can dmage the fibers of the mat and discolor it. 
  5. Always clean the mat when it’s wet. A trampoline that is exposed to the hot sun will be parched and dry and that could easily lead to damage. Once it’s wet you can scrub it with a soft bristle brush or a wet rag in a gentle manner. Use low water pressure to saturate the mat — do not use a pressure washer. When water drips through the mat, it is wet enough to clean. 
  6. Suds up the mat and clean it.
  7. Rinse until the water runs clear. 
  8. Declare the mat off limits until it’s completely dry. The in-ground trampoline will be slippery and unsafe for use. Clean the mat on a sunny day so it will dry quickly and everyone will be able to use it again. 
  9. After the mat is dry, inspect it again before the children get back on it. 

If you’ve been looking for a way to amp up the fun in your backyard, consider installing an in-ground trampoline. 




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