In-ground Trampolines Benefit Outdoor Aesthethics

Your children have been bugging you to get a trampoline, but you think “a trampoline on ‘stilts’ and the netting will become the focus of the backyard ‘decor’ and we don’t want that.” Hey, we get it! If you have a swimming pool and a backyard in which you love entertaining friends and family you may not want to detract from your landscaping. There are ways that in-ground trampolines benefit outdoor aesthetics — they certainly will not detract from it.

In addition to not detracting from your outdoor aesthetics, an in-ground trampoline is a great way to get in shape without injuring your joints and in a much safer way as well. An in-ground trampoline has its bouncing surface that is level to the ground rather than raised above it.

In-ground Trampolines Benefit Outdoor Aesthethics

When you’re adding an in-ground trampoline to your backyard you will need to dig a hole deep and wide enough to accommodate the trampoline (your trampoline kit will come with directions) and you will want to add a retaining wall around the edge of the hole and will add concrete footers to assure the in-ground trampoline stays in place. 

You can purchase an in-ground trampoline kit that comes with instructions and all you need to do to add one to your home. An in-ground trampoline can cost around $3,500 or more depending on its size. You’ll notice that when you dig the hole and place the in-ground trampoline, it will be virtually invisible and will not detract from your landscaping. You can also add unique landscaping to the in-ground trampoline area to set it apart from the rest of the yard as a “statement” piece or you can have it seamlessly blend in. 

Above ground trampolines do nothing to add to the aesthetics of your backyard, in fact, they detract from it. Also, you need to consider that if you live in an area prone to high winds, your above ground trampoline could very easily be picked up and carried away. 


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