Why buy an In-Ground Trampoline?

Trampolines have always been popular with families and recently there has been an increased interest in trampolining. Two of the biggest concerns among parents are safety and aesthetics. In-Ground Trampolines (IGT) addresses those concerns and solves other issues while providing an excellent source of safe entertainment and exercise, something parents are eagerly searching for.

The in ground trampoline is not a new concept; however, the costs and complications of building one have been prohibitive to most. IGT has created a simple and innovative solution in the design of the only complete in ground trampoline system in the world.

The IGT design incorporates a retaining wall with a trampoline frame, built as one integral system, designed specifically to be installed underground. This innovation has eliminated the need of a costly retaining wall, usually constructed of concrete, block or wood, and developed an easy to install, more cost effective system for families looking for a safer, more aesthetically pleasing in ground trampoline system in the world.

We use the word complete because our system, unlike any other, comes with the trampoline jump mat, springs and pads. There is nothing else to buy to complete the system.

Prior to the development of our system, in ground trampolines were built using standard above ground trampolines that were buried in the ground using some other form of retaining wall system, usually concrete, block or wood. Although there are companies that offer retaining wall systems that adapt to standard trampolines, you would still have to purchase a trampoline and adapt the walls to them.

While this is feasible, it costs more and the trampoline is still not designed to be placed below ground. Above ground trampolines are not made to be buried in the earth and can corrode with the constant contact with moisture.

IGT systems are heavy gauge steel with protective powder coatings to resist corrosion…

With in ground systems, the trampoline must “breath”, meaning the air has to have a way to move in and out of the pit. Adapted trampolines must have an air-gap to allow the air to move in and out of the pit. Most opt to leave the trampoline sticking out of the ground several inches so that air may escape between the frame and the earth. This is effective but since the trampoline is above the level of the earth it causes a tripping hazard and can lead to injury if the jumper lands on the edge of the equipment.

It also leaves room for water or animals to have access to the pit. The IGT system can be installed flush with the earth leaving an aesthetically pleasing and safe system. We do this with our engineered design.

To ensure great bounce, we use more springs on the IGT system than any other comparable sized trampoline. We use a specially designed pad that lifts and allows air to escape with each bounce through the spring gap and a high quality polypropylene jumping surface that gives a nice deep bounce.

The IGT system can be delivered within 6 business days anywhere in the lower 48 U.S. States. The IGT system be installed in one day in most cases and complies with most Home Owners Associations.