What is rebounding? Rebounding is a form of exercise and physical therapy executed on a trampoline. Rebounding is commonly used to help children with limited mobility and those who suffer from neurological disorders. In addition, rebounding is a commonly used therapy for autism and down syndrome.

Rebounding therapy involves a series of movements done on the trampoline. The trampoline surface provides a low level of resistance, that gradually helps build muscle strength and increase balance. It provides a much more forgiving surface than the hard ground. It is also fun way to get in some exercise!

With a ground level trampoline system there is an extra measure of security. Rebounding and other trampoline exercises can be done with out the fear of falling from trampoline surface to the ground. An in ground trampoline system also offers the ability to easily access the trampoline surface, and it eliminates the chance of children crawling under the trampoline surface.


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