Do I Need Insurance For A Trampoline?

A question that new trampoline owners don’t always consider is: Do I need insurance for a trampoline? You may not need insurance for the inground or above ground trampoline itself, but you may need to call your homeowner’s insurance agent and see whether having a trampoline will impact your insurance coverage — and it just might.

In the United States, it’s estimated that close to three million homes have trampolines; there will be injuries on these trampolines. This is something you need to be aware of. Another fact insurance companies share is that close to $300 million dollars a year are paid out by insurance agencies to pay for injuries caused by using a trampoline. Because of this, many insurance providers will not offer coverage for inground or above ground trampolines.

Do I Need Insurance For A Trampoline?

Of those injured on trampolines, the largest age group includes children six to fourteen-years-old. The reason for this could be that there are more children of that age group using the trampoline. Those injuries typically include leg and foot and some are so severe the child is paralyzed. We’re not writing this article to alarm you, but to make you aware of the need to adhere to responsible trampoline use at all times.

Along with the challenges posed by trampoline use, there are also benefits and those include:

  1. Cardiovascular health
  2. It’s an exercise that doesn’t cause any strain on your bones or joints
  3. Rebounding can help with balance issues
  4. It’s fun

Work with a trampoline manufacturer or seller who discusses safety and provides safety equipment. Many experienced trampoline sellers will offer best-practice information along with safety information and rules you should impose for its use.

When you call your insurance agent — and you need to do so before you buy a trampoline, someone suffers an injury and found out you have no coverage.

Some insurance policies will have a trampoline exclusion clause. This clause stipulates, you still have coverage for your home, but not for any injuries caused by trampoline use. This means if someone is injured you may be liable for medical expenses.

This is not a list by which you should completely rely. You MUST call your own insurance carrier! 

  1. Farmers Insurance will deny, or cancel coverage, if you have a trampoline
  2. Allstate may provide limited coverage based on safety precautions and measures you have in place
  3. State Farm didn’t have any exclusions

NOTE: This information can change quickly so you need to call your own agent first.

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