Now what?

You’ve done your research and you’ve made up your mind. An in ground trampoline system is going to be the newest addition to your backyard. Now for the hard part, who do we hire someone to do the installation? Do we do it ourselves?

DIY: Can we do it ourselves? Yes! You can absolutely put the system together yourself. The hardest part is digging the hole. Assembling the system is a breeze. The system is easy to install and our step by step instructions will guide you through every step. We also offer free consulting on all of our products, so if you have any questions during installation were are here to help.

Hiring a professional: You’ve thought about it, weighed the pros and cons, and ultimately decided to hire someone. The first place to look is on the dealer page of the In-Ground Trampolines website. We have installers in over 25 states. Our certified installers are knowledgeable about our product and have prior experience installing them.

No dealer in your area: Unfortunately, we do not have installers in every city yet. Never fear! We can help you narrow down where to look. Landscapers, excavators, and pool builders are the type of contractors you want to look for. If you already have a landscaper that works in your yard, show them our instructions and ask them if they would feel comfortable installing one of our systems. Someone who already knows your yard, knows where the irrigations lines are and know what the soil conditions in your area would be a great person to ask. If you don’t have someone already working in your yard, that’s okay too. Look for a landscaper or someone with experience doing hardscapes, water features, or any sort of outside assembly. Again, we offer consulting on all of our systems, so we can help prepare the contractor for the installation of your In-Ground Trampoline.

Whether you are installing the IGT system yourself or you want to hire a contractor, we are available every step of the way.


In-Ground Trampolines has a growing list certified dealers/installers. If you need a contractor in your area, we are happy to help you find one.

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