Eric Zwerneman, Recreation Pro, Houston TX

“When I began Recreation Pro, I wanted to provide my customers with the best. A safe, quality product; nothing cheap, no shortcuts. My inground trampoline search was in-depth, and the end result was partnering with Jack Gee and In-Ground Trampolines (in-groundtrampolines.com).

Their customer support is outstanding, and their product is second to none. They are constantly making improvements, and to my knowledge, they offer the ONLY trampoline that doesn’t loose its warranty once it’s placed in the ground. In fact, they offer the only system I know of COMPLETELY designed to go inground; all other systems are built around modifying a regular above-ground trampoline. Jack and his team have created an excellent product that has provided personal enjoyment for me and my family since its installation in 2012.

There is no better inground trampoline on the market, period, and that’s why I use it for my family and for my customers.

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions at all; I’ve installed over 40 systems in the Houston area and beyond, and I promise there is nothing better available.” ~ Recreation Pro, Houston


In-Ground Trampolines has a growing list certified dealers/installers. If you need a contractor in your area, we are happy to help you find one.

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