IGT Warranty Policy

In-Ground Trampolines strives to make the world’s best, most durable trampolines on the market and we offer an outstanding warranty to back it up.


Please be aware that IGT does not warranty any product that has been damaged as a result of misuse, neglect, acts of God or accidents. Punctures from toys, pets, tree limbs or any other sort will not be covered. If any part or parts of the IGT system have been altered for any reason the warranty may be void. Please be aware fire and fireworks can cause major damage to the soft components and will not be considered for warranty replacement as a result of burn holes from sparks or embers.


All warranty claims must be filed directly with In-Ground Trampolines. IGT Dealers/Installers are not responsible for warranty claims.


Please call the IGT office at 602-464-4365 M-F, 8-4 PM Pacific Standard time.


In-Ground Trampolines Inc. will pay for shipping of warrantied replacement components in the first year. There after, the customer will pay for shipping costs.


The IGT Warranty does not cover labor costs for replacing components.


Limited Warranty



All components of our IGT system come with limited warranty ensuring materials will be free from defect for the stated time periods. Warranty starts on the day of purchase.


Trampoline Frame:



10 years on frame tube segments, wall panels and hardware. IGT accepts that certain metal items will show signs of corrosion, especially in coastal areas, but these materials will remain integrally sound throughout the warranty period.


Trampoline springs:



3 years of protection for broken springs. The warranty does not cover stretched springs or general corrosion.



Jump Mat:



2 years for jump surface, D-Rings, D-ring straps and stitching. Warranty does not cover fading or water spotting on the jump surface or general corrosion of the D-Rings. Warranty is void it the trampoline frame pad is not used.



Frame/Spring Pad:



2 years for the materials and stitching. Warranty does not cover fading or water spotting. The bungees for securing the pad are designed to be sacrificial and have no warranty.


In-Ground Trampolines has a growing list certified dealers/installers. If you need a contractor in your area, we are happy to help you find one.

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