Why You Should Go Barefoot

When is the last time you went barefoot? Do you wear shoes or socks or slippers in the house? Do you remember the last time you felt the grass and earth beneath your toes? Why you should go barefoot is something the trampoline installers from InGround Trampolines talks with their customers about.

In our modern society, we have lost the desire or the time or the inclination to kick off our shoes and just go barefoot. When you were younger do you remember how rough and calloused your feet got because you and your friends never wore shoes?

As an adult, you don’t have to go back to a completely shoeless lifestyle, but going barefoot has some health benefits.

Why You Should Go Barefoot

When you walk barefoot you are having a connection with the earth, with nature and with yourself. Walking barefoot might make you stronger and give you better balance.

Here are some of the benefits we’ve found from being barefoot.

  1. Better balance. Even if you’re not wearing high heels, you don’t have as much balance when you’re wearing any kind of shoes. Balance comes from your connection with the ground beneath your feet. When you feel the ground you are waking up your vestibular system in your brain and stimulating your neural connections and that is helping you achieve greater balance. Balance is ideal for everyone, but especially for seniors who struggle with trip and fall accidents.
  2. You could increase your immunity. When you stimulate the nervous system by walking barefoot you can improve your immunity. When you play or walk in the sand, especially, your feet and toes are working harder to keep you upright and moving forward and that is an ideal way to stimulate your nervous system.
  3. Your feet may be less painful. We suffer pain in our feet when we wear ill-fitting shoes. If parents keep their kids out of shoes for as long as possible, the children may develop stronger, healthier feet.

  Jumping barefoot on a trampoline is another ideal way to embrace your barefoot routine!


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