In ground Trampolines


In-Ground Trampolines only sells the best in-ground trampolines in the world. Unlike other in-ground systems that convert above ground trampolines to in-ground, IGT sales specific in-ground trampolines that can handle the pressure and elements needed for in-ground trampolines. Common concerns such as airflow, corrosion and water collection in the pit have all been addressed with our one-of-a-kind design. Plus, we offer a complete and comprehensive warranty on every component of our product. There is no competition!

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Inground Trampolines


Now you may be asking if a trampoline is going into the ground who is going to do the trampoline hole digging and install that inground trampoline? We work with a number of landscape contractors all over the US to bring this service to you. If you need trampoline hole digging we can help locate someone in your area that has experience digging trampoline holes and installing inground trampoline kits. Or if you prefer to DIY we have great resources to support you throughout the entire process.

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