Should You Get A Trampoline? Pros & Cons

Your children have been asking for a trampoline for some time now. You’re beginning to research and are finding that trampolines — inground or above ground — are not such a bad idea! Should you get a trampoline? Pros & cons need to be researched and you need to be vigilant in supervision when anyone is on the trampoline, but we think they are a great and fun form of exercise!

Chances are you have heard that a child, or an adult, can get injured on an in-ground or an above ground trampoline and you want to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Should You Get A Trampoline? Pros & Cons

Here is our round-up of the advantages and disadvantages of using a trampoline.

The advantages:

  1. They’re fun
  2. Bouncing on a trampoline increases bone mass and strengthens your skeleton
  3. You will have better posture if you rebound
  4. Your cardiovascular health will be improved.
  5. Your children can jump on a trampoline and their legs and feet won’t suffer any stress because it is a low-impact workout.
  6. You may find that rebounding helps combat the symptoms of anxiety and stress because jumping on a trampoline increases the amount of endorphins released
  7. With a trampoline you may not need to nag your kids to get out of the house!
  8. You may see improved coordination and balance (this is ideal as we age)

Some of the cons of owning a trampoline:

  1. Your homeowner’s insurance may not cover you in the event of an accident. Talk with your insurance company before you get one so you know your risks
  2. You will need to constantly supervise your children so they use the trampoline safely
  3. Your kids will want to jump with their friends, but it’s safest to jump with only one person at a time so no in air or on the trampoline mat collisions occurs.
  4. You need to inspect the trampoline mat and springs to assure they are safe and secure. Not a big deal, just something you need to remember to do.

As long as you buy your trampoline from a responsible trampoline dealer and have safety measures in place, jumping on your own in ground or above ground trampoline can be fun for the entire family.

If you’re thinking about getting an above ground or an inground trampoline this year, give us a call. Let’s talk about the best trampoline for you, your family and your budget.

How To Restore A Trampoline

For many inground and above ground trampoline owners, the season for rebounding has past. If you’re looking at your trampoline and wondering if it will serve you another season, you may be wondering how to restore a trampoline and we have tips.

Don’t think you have to completely toss away your inground or above ground trampoline because some of the components need some tender loving care.

How To Restore A Trampoline

  • Check the trampoline frame. This is the component that is most responsible for the trampoline being safe to use. Check the frame for corrosion or any weak spots and give your trampoline retailer a call to find out about replacing damaged or worn parts.
  • Inspect the jump mat. You’re looking for pilling on the surface, any worn areas around the springs and any portion where it looks worn on the mat itself. You can replace the jump mat and breath new life into the entire trampoline.  Being diligent in the use of a jump mat cover will help extend the life of the jump mat and protect it from the elements and from the damaging rays of the sun.
  • The springs on the trampoline can wear out, stretch or corrode over time. Look at the springs when they are at rest and measure the length of the spring from the mat to the frame. Do they appear stretched out? Are they in fact stretched out from their original length? If so, give us a call and let’s get them replaced before your next trampoline season comes around.
  • Is the safety enclosure intact? Have winds damaged the supports of the enclosure? Are there any rips or tears in the enclosure? If the answer is yes, you will want to replace them before anyone uses it again.

Depending on where you live, it might make sense to disassemble the trampoline and store it safety away so it isn’t damaged by harsh weather conditions.

If you’re thinking about getting an above ground or an inground trampoline this year, give us a call. Let’s talk about the best trampoline for you, your family and your budget.


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