3 In-Ground Trampoline Safety Tips

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Flying through the air with the greatest of ease — that’s what comes to mind when you jump on an in-ground trampoline. Rebounding — jumping on a trampoline — is fun and healthy. We offer these 3 in-gound trampoline safety tips. They are common sense and items most people who use in-ground trampolines already know, but it’s never bad to have a refresher on safety tips, right? Right!

3 In-Ground Trampoline Safety Tips

Remove jewelry. You may not have considered this, but remove necklaces, earrings, bracelets and even rings that might get caught when you’re jumping on an in-ground trampoline. Put a little jewelry container next to the in-ground trampoline so it’s convenient to remove them and retrieve them. You don’t want to snag the trampoline surface, nor do you want to risk falling and somehow having an earring or necklace get caught on the trampoline.

Keep it clear. When the in-ground trampoline is installed, look at the area where you are putting it with a critical eye. Are there any overhead wires? Any low hanging tree branches? Are you close enough to the house that you could hit the roof or gutters? A clear, open space is the safest placement for your in-ground trampoline.

Safety accessories. In-ground trampolines are inherently safer than above ground trampolines, but you still need to check it to assure it’s safe every time you use it. Make certain the pads are covering the springs. Check the springs to assure they are all in place and that none of them are rusted. You can add an enclosure to an in-ground trampoline, although many in-ground trampoline owners opt to not do that as it detracts from the sightlines — it is a personal call. Check the bounce area of the in-ground trampoline to assure they are safe as well.

Take off your shoes and prepare to jump your way to fun and good health on an in-ground trampoline. Let us know if you have any questions about safety or other in-ground trampoline information you’d like.


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