Reasons To Take Off Your Shoes Every Day!

Walking barefoot is something that medical professionals and practitioners of yoga tout as healthy. Many people believe that walking barefoot is better for balance and it certainly helps ground you to the earth. We have reasons to take off your shoes every day and one of those reasons is simply to feel the earth beneath […]

3 Reasons To Use A Trampoline

Ho hum! Are you bored? Have you walked the dog more times than you — or he — care to track? Do you wish you could go to the community swimming pool and get some exercise and get out of the house? If you’re looking for something to do, we have 3 reasons to use […]

Should You Get An Above Ground Trampoline?

Trampolines: Your choice is an above ground or an inground trampoline. Should you get an above ground trampoline? That is a personal choice. One of the main reasons people invest in inground trampolines is they don’t want to mar the aesthetics of their backyard landscape and want the trampoline to blend in. Other families simply […]

Getting To Know Trampolines

If trampolines have been on your mind, we wanted to share more of the questions we get asked frequently by our potential customers. We know that getting to know trampolines can be a bit confusing — especially if you’re trying to decide if you want an inground or an above ground trampoline. We are here […]

Trampolines Offer Family Fun Time

Is your family getting tired of being stuck at home? Thank you, coronavirus, right? We know that trampolines offer family fun time and they are also a great way to get up, get moving and relieve the boredom that comes from children not being in school, you not working in the office and playgrounds being […]

What You Need To Know About Trampolines

We get so many questions from potential new in-ground and above ground trampoline owners that we put together a list of what you need to know about trampolines. What You Need To Know About Trampolines What is the frame made of? Inground trampoline (IGT) systems use the same 14 gauge galvanized, USA steel frame and […]

How To Buy A Trampoline For Your Family

“We’re bored….” how many times have your children said that this past few months when they have not only had summer vacation, but may even have had their school year cut short because of the coronavirus pandemic shutdown? If you want to have more fun and alleviate the boredom we have some tips on how […]

How To Store Your Trampoline For Winter

Depending on where you live, it doesn’t seem like winter is on its way, but for many parts of the country it will arrive. You will want to know how to store your trampoline for winter so it isn’t damaged by the harsh weather and we have ways to do just that. You don’t typically […]

Start A Home Health Workout Routine

If your regular gym has been closed because of coronavirus, why not start a home health workout routine and do just that on an inground or an above ground trampoline. Don’t let the lack of a gym or the commercial pool or your regular exercise classes get you down and don’t let coronavirus take even […]

Are You Using Your Trampoline Even More?

“I’m bored…” How often have your children been saying that since the coronavirus pandemic hit and they are now forced to stay home and not see their friends? Are you using your trampoline even more? We know that many people are and that many more people are investing in trampolines for fun and exercise when […]

Move From A Mini Trampoline To A Full-Size

Are you using a trampoline indoors? Have you ever thought about making a move from a mini trampoline to a full-size one? You should. Why? Because an in-ground trampoline or an above ground trampoline gives you a bigger space on which to rebound and get in shape. An indoor or mini trampoline is designed for […]

Trampolines As Therapy

Let’s face it. Life is stressful! The coronavirus pandemic has lead to so many changes in our lives. We aren’t working. We are homeschooling our children. Going to a grocery store is an ordeal fraught with stress and anxiety. We believe that trampolines as therapy is a real thing. Why? When you’re doing any form […]

How To Be Safe On A Trampoline

In-Ground Trampolines: Better & Safer and that is because of education on how to be safe on a trampoline and better, safer equipment on the market. When we talk with our customers or potential customers and they’re asking whether they should get an in-ground trampoline, we share with them the ins and outs of how […]

Trampolines Make Summer WorkOuts Easy

It is hot and humid and chances are you just don’t want to go running, jogging or even outside to jump rope! Trampolines make summer workouts easy — the reason — they offer many health benefits AND you cam rebound without breaking a sweat! In fact, when you’re rebounding you are feeling the breeze — […]

Is It Safe To Use A Trampoline If You’re Pregnant?

Is It Safe To Use A Trampoline If You’re Pregnant? It’s a question some people ask us and we defer them to their doctor as he or she is the person to contact for a sensitive question like that. What we have heard though that it isn’t a bad way for a pregnant woman to […]

Should You Wear Shoes On A Trampoline?

Walking barefoot — you either love it or you cringe when you think about it. Should you wear shoes on a trampoline? That is a question we get asked all the time. We recommend not wearing shoes when you’re jumping. There are many reasons for being barefoot when you’re on a trampoline, the biggest of […]

What Is The Best Trampoline For Your Family?

If you ask someone, “what is the best trampoline for your family?” the answer is as different as the people you’re asking. If you and your family are in the market for a trampoline, you need to take a step back and think about the answers to these questions: How big do you want Where […]

The Little Known Benefits Of Trampolines

Rebounding, also known as jumping on a trampoline, has more advantages than you may have considered. There are the little known benefits of trampolines that we have researched and want to share with you. Jumping on a trampoline is ideal for those with motor skill challenges. When you’re jumping on a trampoline it enhances motor […]

Plan Your Coronavirus Trampoline Workout

You have a few choices as you’re working from home during the COVID-19 business shut down. You can sit around or you can plan your coronavirus trampoline workout. The sales of in-ground trampolines have been skyrocketing as individuals are spending so much time at home and they want to get in shape. It is easy […]

Plan A Weekday Picnic

As the days continue forward with many of us across the country in a coronavirus quarantine holding pattern, it may be getting more difficult to entertain the children, right? Why not plan a weekday picnic. You have to eat lunch so why not make it an event? Let the family know that today is going […]

Why Trampoline Sales Are Skyrocketing

The kids are cooped up. The parents are going crazy trying to get work done AND entertain the children while schools and day cares are closed because of COVID-19 and that is why trampoline sales are skyrocketing! Parents want to find a way to keep the kids entertained and help them burn off energy. The […]

How To Enjoy The Coronavirus Quarantine

If you’re like many families across the country, you’re in quarantine. Schools are closed, you’re working from home, grocery store trips are limited and you’re wondering how to enjoy the coronavirus quarantine. That may seem like an odd thing — to “enjoy” it — but if you’re in the midst of it, you may as […]

How To Make An Informed Trampoline Decision

There is no doubt that in-ground trampolines are fun for everyone in the family – children and adults. When you’re trampoline shopping you can opt for an in-ground style or an above ground trampoline. In-ground models are popular for safety reasons and aesthetic reasons. An in-ground trampoline is installed at ground level and most of […]

The Evolution Of The Trampoline

If you’re like many of us, the past few weeks and into the first part of April we are in lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic. If you’re at home with your immediate family and are spending quality time together and are on the in-ground or above ground trampoline we want to share the evolution […]

Simple Trampoline Safety Tips

There is no doubt that jumping on an in-ground or above-ground trampoline is fun. There is also no doubt that you need to protect yourself and your children every time you use one. We have simple trampoline safety tips that you can remind everyone of each time they get ready to jump! As a parent, […]

How To Choose A Trampoline Enclosure

Planning your budget for an inground or an above ground trampoline? Don’t forget to budget for the highest quality trampoline, mat and springs you can but also for an enclosure. How to choose a trampoline enclosure is something we talk with potential trampoline owners about all the time. Just as when you buy a swimming […]

Make The Most Of The Quarantine On Your Trampoline

We are living in crazy times, right? Who would ever have imagined many states would be under quarantine and stay-in-place orders because of #coronavirus? It is unprecedented. If you’re home, though why not make the most of the quarantine on your trampoline?  Many times we make an impulse purchase or give into the children and […]

A Trampoline-Buying Primer

You’ve decided that the children are right — a trampoline would be great fun! Whether you’re getting an above ground trampoline or an in-ground trampoline we have put together some information to help you make the best choice and determine whether you want an above ground or an in-ground. A trampoline-buying primer will help you […]

Why Air Flow In Your Trampoline Matters

Why airflow in your trampoline matters. Of all the things you’re thinking about when you’re considering buying an inground or above ground trampoline, airflow may not have been something you’d even thought to talk with a trampoline salesperson about. What is airflow? Airflow is important for every type of trampoline system — inground or above […]

How To Have The Safest Trampoline Ever

Children and trampolines just go together. Adults who want an easy and safe way to get in shape love working out and jumping on a trampoline, too. How to have the safest trampoline ever is something the inground and above ground trampoline sales people from In-Ground Trampolines, which are safer by design talk with potential […]

Do I Need Insurance For A Trampoline?

A question that new trampoline owners don’t always consider is: Do I need insurance for a trampoline? You may not need insurance for the inground or above ground trampoline itself, but you may need to call your homeowner’s insurance agent and see whether having a trampoline will impact your insurance coverage — and it just […]

Is Your Trampoline Spring-Ready?

Looking at the calendar or watching the snowfall, you may not think that spring is coming soon, but it is. The Groundhog saw his shadow and predicted an early spring and because of that, we ask: is your trampoline spring-ready? Trampolines, both inground and above ground don’t require a lot of maintenance, but they do […]

Why Get An Inground Trampoline

When it comes to trampolines you may be wondering why get an inground trampoline? They may cost more than above ground, but does that make them any better or safer? It just might! But, in fact, there are many reasons to consider an inground trampoline, not the least of which is the aesthetic appeal — […]

How To Start Your Trampoline Workout

Congratulations you just invested in your first inground or above ground trampoline! Now how to start your trampoline workout? Do you just get on and start jumping? Is there prep work you need to do? Yes, and maybe are the answers to those questions. Rebounding on an inground or an above ground trampoline is both […]

What you need to know about trampolines

Trampolines. The word conjures up fun and good times as well as a way to get in shape without risk of bone or joint injury as you may suffer from running or working out at a gym. What you need to know about trampolines, whether an inground or an above ground trampoline is something we […]

Should you get an inground trampoline this year?

New Year’s is the time to think about “how can I change my lifestyle and maybe even get healthier?” If you’re thinking those thoughts you may be wondering, should you get an inground trampoline this year? If you’ve heard about the benefits of rebounding — and there are many — you may want to do […]

How many people can be on the trampoline at once?

This may sound like a trick question but how many people can be on the trampoline at once is something we get asked all the time. The responsible and safe answer is: one person at a time. However, we know that sometimes you will have children, of similar weights on the trampoline at the same […]

Is it time to replace the trampoline springs?

Is your trampoline just not as bouncy as it once was? If you’ve noticed you and your trampoline have lost its bounce you may be wondering, “is it time to replace the trampoline springs?” The answer could be, “yes.” In addition to replacing the trampoline springs, you will also want to give the trampoline mat […]

Is An Inground Trampoline Safe?

When you were in school did you jump on a trampoline? If you did you can probably remember that feeling of weightlessness and how fun it was, right? Is an inground trampoline safe? That might be a question you’re asking yourself, especially if your children have been using trampolines and now want one of their […]

How To Get Healthy In 2020

With a new year fast approaching and with the delicious foods and treats available during the holidays many people take time to plan how to get healthy in 2020. It’s great to indulge. It’s even better to be healthy, happy and to live a long life full of great health, right? The weather may play […]

Inground & Above Ground Trampoline Buying Tips

If you’re going to buy your children that inground or above ground trampoline they have been asking for you will want to do your research. We have inground & above ground trampoline buying tips for first time trampoline owners. One of the main pieces of advice is to buy a trampoline from a reputable source […]

Aesthetic benefits for inground trampolines

Trampolines are becoming THE items for health and fun activity for families but many potential trampoline owners don’t want to lose the beauty and aesthetic appeal they have worked so hard for in their beautiful backyard. What is a potential trampoline owner to do? Consider the aesthetic benefits for inground trampolines and how they blend […]

7 Things To Look For When Buying A Trampoline

As with anything you are going to purchase for your family, you need to do your research, homework and talk with friends and family to find out their thoughts on their trampoline purchase. We have put together a list of 7 things to look for when buying a trampoline. These items should be considered whether […]

Should You Get A Trampoline? Pros & Cons

Your children have been asking for a trampoline for some time now. You’re beginning to research and are finding that trampolines — inground or above ground — are not such a bad idea! Should you get a trampoline? Pros & cons need to be researched and you need to be vigilant in supervision when anyone […]

How To Restore A Trampoline

For many inground and above ground trampoline owners, the season for rebounding has past. If you’re looking at your trampoline and wondering if it will serve you another season, you may be wondering how to restore a trampoline and we have tips. Don’t think you have to completely toss away your inground or above ground […]

Pre-Storm Trampoline Care

As of this article writing, there are many storms brewing across the United States. In New York, for example, there are gale force winds predicted and gusts of wind up to 70mph predicted. If you have an above ground trampoline this could wreak havoc on your trampoline and even lead to property damage — yours […]

How Can You Get Healthy On A Trampoline?

Getting healthy and fit should be part of everyone’s routine, but getting to the gym, finding time to work out and paying the fees for a gym membership doesn’t make it easy. How can you get healthy on a trampoline? And why should you get healthy on a trampoline? There are many reasons! If you […]

What’s The Ideal Age To Use A Trampoline?

What’s the ideal age to use a trampoline? Medical professionals almost universally agree that a child should be at least six-years-old before they should jump on a trampoline. Yes, you could let your little one walk around and get a feel for the trampoline before then, but don’t allow them to get airborne. Children should […]

Autumn Trampoline Care

Do you keep your inground or above ground trampoline available for use year-round? If so, you may want to practice some autumn trampoline care that will help you use it safely and to protect the trampoline equipment and the jump mat as well. There is really no reason you can’t use your trampoline year-round — […]

Five Healthy Autumn Activities

It’s easy to “take the day off” when it comes to exercising in the heat and humidity of a summer day, right? Even if you have an inground or above ground trampoline you may not want to go out doors and exercise. We have five healthy autumn activities you can do because now the weather […]

How To Care For Your Trampoline

If you’ve given into your children’s request for a trampoline or if you’ve been wanting one for yourself as a way to get more out of your workout, we offer tips on how to care for your trampoline. Caring for your trampoline properly will help not only protect the investment but will keep it safe […]

Why You Should Go Barefoot

When is the last time you went barefoot? Do you wear shoes or socks or slippers in the house? Do you remember the last time you felt the grass and earth beneath your toes? Why you should go barefoot is something the trampoline installers from InGround Trampolines talks with their customers about. In our modern […]

Considering A Trampoline: Ask These Questions

As with any purchase, there are pros, cons and questions that need answers. Getting an above ground or an inground trampoline is no different. When you’re considering a trampoline: ask these questions and get answers that satisfy what you need and want to know. If you’re buying something for your children to use and get […]

Without Supervision Trampolines Lead To Injuries

Can you get injured on a trampoline? Yes. Can you suffer an injury if you ride a bike, swim in a pool or skateboard? Yes. How can you stay safe, no matter what you do? By having rules in place and supervising the activities. Without supervision trampolines lead to injuries — just as unsupervised swimming […]

4 Questions To Ask When Buying A Trampoline

“We want a trampoline!!!” Have your children been begging for an in-ground or an above ground trampoline and you’re just not sure if you want to make the investment? We have come up with 4 questions to ask when buying a trampoline. There are more than four questions you will want to have answered, but […]

Trampolines Are Not Just For Children

Where are Grandma and Grandpa? If you said, “out jumping on the trampoline” you wouldn’t be too far from the truth! Trampolines are not just for children anymore. Seniors and anyone who wants to get in shape in a way that won’t cause harm to bones and joints are jumping (see what we did there) […]

Pros And Cons Of Trampolines

Whether you’re getting a swimming pool, an above ground or an in ground trampoline or a bicycle, there are pros and cons to everything! What are the pros and cons of trampolines? We will share a few with you. As with anything you need to use common sense, be responsible and invest in high quality […]

Five Fun Things To Do On A Trampoline

Simply jumping on a trampoline is fun without doing anything else. What if you want to find other things to do on the trampoline whether you have an in-ground or an above ground trampoline? We have five fun things to do on a trampoline that will make your rebounding time even more fun. Five Fun […]

Unexpected Trampoline Benefits

If you’ve ever jumped on a trampoline — an in-ground trampoline or an above ground trampoline — you know how much fun it is. The idea of being air borne is exhilarating. Just the idea of defying gravity is thrilling as is landing on a soft surface that has give and won’t cause any injury […]

Guidelines For All Trampoline Users

Trampolines, both inground trampolines and above ground trampolines have long been popular. They appear to be growing in popularity, though now that adults have begun to realize how easy it is to get healthy simply by jumping on a trampoline. We offer these guidelines for all trampoline users to assure everyone is as safe as […]

Do you need a trampoline cover?

Do you need a trampoline cover? Probably not. It’s like asking if you need a swimming pool cover. You don’t necessarily need one, BUT it can protect the jump mat and keep it viable and safer for longer, so why not? The In-Ground Trampoline experts at our company do believe a trampoline cover can help […]

Throw A July 4th Trampoline Party!

It’s almost the Fourth of July! Independence Day! A day for family, friends and celebration! If you’re hosting a backyard barbecue or a picnic or any other type of gathering for the Fourth of July, you know the trampoline will figure in! How can you throw a July 4th trampoline party? It’s easy! One of […]

Different Types Of Trampolines

At In-Ground Trampolines, our trampolines are “safer by design” and we take that motto to heart. Even though we sell in-ground and some above ground trampolines, we know there are different types of trampolines that you can purchase or that you could be introduced to while on a vacation. Here are a few of the […]

Happier And Healthier On A Trampoline

Can you be happier and healthier on a trampoline? We definitely think so! When you invest in a trampoline that is specifically designed for use in your backyard you are adding a fun spot that the entire family can enjoy. Above ground and in-ground trampolines both provide happier, healthier benefits because both allow for rebounding. […]

How To Clean Your Trampoline

When is the last time you cleaned your inground or above ground trampoline? If you’re scratching your head because you just can’t remember, we offer you these how to clean your trampoline tips. Even if you use a cover for the jump mat and if the trampoline springs are covered, it still makes sense to […]

Pros And Cons Of Backyard Trampolines

There are pros and cons of backyard trampolines just as there are pros and cons for backyard swingsets and swimming pools. The cons of all of these items can be addressed by the adults in the household having measures in place to assure that anyone and everyone who uses a trampoline, swingset or swimming pool […]

7 Trampoline Fun Facts

Are you spending a lot of time on your in-ground or above ground trampoline? Do you invite friends and family over for trampoline time and then maybe a cookout or party? If so, do you want to wow your guests with your trivia knowledge? We have 7 trampoline fun facts you can add to trivia […]

Healthy Happy Kids This Summer

Summer is almost here. School is almost out. The cries of “I’m bored!”will soon begin! If you’re like most parents you want healthy happy kids this summer and you want them to be out-of-doors and enjoying the fleeting months of sunshine, right? One way to get the kids outside this summer, if you don’t have […]

How To Buy A Family Trampoline

“We want a trampoline!” Have your children been asking for a trampoline? It might not just be the kids who want a trampoline, though right? How to buy a family trampoline is something that we talk with our customers about all the time. It’s not kid’s play buying a trampoline, but it isn’t a decision […]

How To Get Fit Quick

How to get fit quick. Wow that sounds great, right? After all, who wants to spend hours at the gym? Most people work full time or have children or other family members they are caring for. Who has time, or even honestly the desire to find time to carve an hour or more out of […]

Will A Trampoline Impact Your Homeowners Insurance?

Will a trampoline impact your homeowners insurance? It’s a question you may not have considered before you thought of buying an in-ground trampoline or an above ground trampoline, but you certainly should. Having a trampoline could definitely impact your homeowners insurance policy as many insurance providers will not provide coverage for injuries that occur on […]

Caring For Your Outdoor Trampoline

Trampolines, both in-ground trampolines and above ground trampolines are gaining in popularity each passing year. When we talk with new trampoline and in-ground trampoline owners we talk about caring for your outdoor trampoline, because the weather and constant exposure to the elements can take its toll on the structure and, especially, the trampoline mat. If […]

4 Trampoline Fun Facts

Time on a Trampoline is Fun When it comes to trampolines, there are myths and misinformation that abound. If, however, you’ve ever jumped on a trampoline, you know how much fun they can be. Also, if you’ve spent time on a trampoline you understand how great of a workout you can get all while you’re […]

Benefits Of Jumping On A Trampoline

You’ve seen trampolines in your friend’s and neighbor’s yards and your children just love jumping on one. Now you’re thinking, maybe you will get one of your own because you’re reading more about the benefits of jumping on a trampoline and you’re getting convinced. Whether you opt for an inground trampoline or an above ground […]

Rebounding Is Healthier Than Jogging

Can you believe that rebounding is healthier than jogging? Can you believe that you could potentially burn more calories when you jump on a trampoline than when you take to the road and jog? Tu’s true! Rebounders — those who jump on trampolines — say that using an in-ground or above ground trampoline for your […]

How To Be Safe On A Trampoline

When we talk with our customers one of the questions they always ask is how to be safe on a trampoline. In many cases, trampoline safety — whether an in-ground trampoline or an above ground trampoline — is all about common sense. When you’re jumping on a trampoline, you’re airborne and that is an exhilirating […]

How To Buy A Trampoline For Your Family

The question of how to buy a trampoline for your family doesn’t seem like it should take all that much thought, right? Wrong! This is an accessory and a place for fun and to get a workout that will be with you and your family for many, many years and you need to put time […]

5 Things To Consider When Buying A Trampoline

Your children have been asking — begging — for a trampoline for many months now. You’ve been thinking an in-ground trampoline might not be a bad idea or investment because you could use it for your own health reasons as well. After all, you know you should be getting more exercise, but running or going […]

How Does Air Flow Impact My Trampoline?

There are many things to think about when you’re buying an in-ground or an above ground trampoline. How does air flow impact my trampoline may not have been one of them, but it is something that we think about and discuss with our customers. What do you think about when you’re planning to invest in […]

Why You Should Jump Barefoot On A Trampoline

Even if you’re not a fan of walking barefoot out of doors there are myriad reasons why you should jump barefoot on a trampoline. Wearing shoes on a trampoline is also a recipe for a rip or tear in the jump mat especially if you have buckles or even shoelaces on your footwear. When you’re […]

What Accessories Should You Get For Your Trampoline?

Your trampoline and your in-ground trampoline are so much fun, but what accessories should you get for your trampoline? There are many accessories that are simply for fun and those that will protect the trampoline and others that make it easier to get onto and off of your trampoline. When you have a trampoline, you […]

How To Rebound On A Trampoline

How to rebound on a trampoline is something the In-Ground Trampoline professionals get asked all the time. In fact, “rebounding” is a fancy term for “jumping” on your trampoline. What is rebounding? Exercising on a trampoline, whether an above ground or an in-ground style is called rebounding. This type of exercise is ideal for someone […]

Should you get a trampoline?

“We want a trampoline!” If you have been hearing that from your children for months now, you may wonder, “should you get a trampoline?” If you aren’t sure and if safety concerns are one of the reasons you have been putting off getting a trampoline for your children, out In-Ground Trampoline experts explain that today’s […]

Will Winter Weather Damage The Trampoline?

Will winter weather damage the trampoline? It’s a question we get asked all the time. Even though we live in perpetually sunny Arizona, many of our trampolines and in-ground trampolines make their way to the snowy climates and their owners do wonder whether winter will damage or destroy the trampoline they’ve invested in. Many trampoline […]

Is It Time To Repair Or Replace The Trampoline?

There comes a time in the life of every trampoline owner when you wonder is it time to repair or replace the trampoline? You can reach out to us, your in-ground trampoline specialist and let us know what issues you may potentially be having and we can help you determine whether you should repair or […]

Feel More Invigorated On A Trampoline

Sometimes you just feel tired out, stressed out and low on energy. You don’t feel like taking a run, or swimming or riding a bike — you just don’t have the energy. Did you know, though you can feel more invigorated on a trampoline and you don’t have to use any equipment or even change […]

5 Trampoline Safety Tips

We’ve discussed trampoline and in-ground trampoline before and we will discuss it again. There are many ways to keep everyone who uses your trampoline safe and many of those ways are simply common sense. We have 5 trampoline safety tips to share that we hope you keep in mind each and every time you or […]

Exercises Seniors Can Do On A Trampoline

When you think of jumping on a trampoline, also known as “rebounding” you probably think of children and young adults. Did you know though, that a rebounding workout is an ideal way for seniors to get and stay in shape? There are exercises seniors can do on a trampoline that will strengthen their bones and […]

Common Trampoline Injuries & How To Prevent Them

There is no exercise routine or even any plaything that doesn’t bring with it a risk of injury. Riding a bike, swimming, running and jumping rope – all of them can lead to injury if you’re not careful. Using an in-ground trampoline, too, brings with it a sense of risk, but that can be diminished […]

How Much Does An In-Ground Trampoline Cost?

This is not a trick question as many of our new customers ask, “how much does an in-ground trampoline cost?” and it’s not a one-size fits all answer. The costs range based on the style and size of in-ground trampoline you purchase, the quality of equipment, whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer and many other factors. How […]

Why In-Ground Trampolines Are Great

The holidays and gift-giving is right around the corner. What can you get the kids who “have everything” or the spouse or significant other who wants to get in shape but doesn’t want to join a gym or risk injury to his or her joints? Why in-ground trampolines are great is that they are the […]

The Benefits Of Rebounding For Seniors

As we age, our balance and stability aren’t as strong as they were when we were younger and that can lead to falls and injury. Also, as we age our bone and muscle mass suffers. Exercising will help strengthen bones, muscles and joints and aid in coordination. One of the best exercises for seniors are […]

Five Tips To Keep Your Children Safe On The In-Ground Trampoline

There are many common sense items that go along with safety when you’re jumping on an in-ground trampoline. If you’re new to in-ground trampoline ownership, though we want to pass along this series of in-ground trampoline safety tips for both children and adults. Place the in-ground trampoline so it is not near any overhanging roof, […]

In-Ground Trampoline Accessories

You’ve had your in-ground trampoline for a while now and you’re wondering, “What kind of in-ground trampoline accessories should we get?” We have a suggestion that will be not only useful but functional as well. A simple organizational unit will keep shoes and other items coralled and is an ideal way to store personal effects […]

In-Ground Trampolines: Not Just For Jumping

If you are the proud owner of an in-ground trampoline you know it’s fun for rebounding for both fun and exercise. Have you ever wondered what other things you can use your in-ground trampoline for? We have some unique ideas for in-ground trampoline owners. Using an in-ground trampoline in other, unique ways to use it […]

In-Ground Trampolines: Better & Safer

In-Ground Trampolines: Better & Safer and we’re not just saying that! When we are asked whether an in-ground trampoline is safer than an above ground trampoline, the answer is always a resounding, “yes.” Why is an in-ground trampoline better and safer? It reduces height injury, looks more appealing in your yard and provides great bounce. […]

Five benefits of an in-ground trampoline rebounding workout

Exercising on a trampoline is considered an ideal way for adults (and children) to exercise. Why? Because when you jump on a trampoline you are experiencing a bout of weightlessness at the top of the jump and when you hit the bottom of the mat you’re experiencing about 4G of force on the mat. BUT […]

Check the inground trampoline springs

Jumping on a trampoline is an activity that brings people joy. There is simply no way to not be happy when you’re jumping on an inground trampoline! We’re not sure if that’s a proven fact, but we believe it is! Trampoline jumping is so popular it’s now a sport at the Olympics. If you have […]

In-ground Trampoline Fun Facts

Do your children want an in-ground trampoline? Have you been resisting because you’ve heard soem “bad things” about them. We’re here to set the record straight and have some in-ground trampoline fun facts for you to consider when you’re making your final decision to get the children an in-ground trampoline: In-ground Trampoline Fun Facts  People […]

How To Buy A Trampoline

There’s still time to get an in-ground trampoline this year and use it! If you’re considering getting an in-ground trampoline for your family for the holidays, here is a short list on how to buy a trampoline and what to think about when you’re making up your mind. How To Buy A Trampoline The health […]

What Muscles Benefit From Rebounding?

You know that jumping on an in-ground trampoline is fun but have you ever wondered what muscles benefit from rebounding? The answer may surprise you — a LOT of them! When you jump on a trampoline, also known as rebounding, you are reaping many health benefits — you’re getting healthy, you’re working your legs and […]

3 In-Ground Trampoline Safety Tips

Flying through the air with the greatest of ease — that’s what comes to mind when you jump on an in-ground trampoline. Rebounding — jumping on a trampoline — is fun and healthy. We offer these 3 in-gound trampoline safety tips. They are common sense and items most people who use in-ground trampolines already know, […]

Benefits Of Barefoot Rebounding

Benefits Of Barefoot Rebounding

Why In-Ground Trampolines Are Best

 “We want a trampoline!” Chances are you have been hearing that from your children and now you’re truly considering it. Have you ever wondered why in-ground trampolines are best? Did you know about in-ground trampolines when your children first started asking for a trampoline? Are there benefits to an in-ground trampoline? YES! The main one […]

Burn More Calories On A Trampoline Than On A Jog

Burn More Calories On A Trampoline Than On A Jog

A History Of Trampolines

When you and your family are out in the backyard enjoying fun on the trampoline, have you ever talked about a history of trampolines? They aren’t just for jumping in the backyard, that’s for sure! Jumping also called, rebounding, on a trampoline is an Olympic sport and one that boasts anaerobic and aerobix health benefits, […]

What Are The Health Benefits Of An In-Ground Trampoline?

An in-ground trampoline is considered by many owners to be a fun place for your children to jump around and enjoy themselves. Did you know though, that there are many benefits of an in-ground trampoline as a workout piece of equipment for adults? It’s true! When you exercise aka rebound on an in-ground trampoline you […]

Tumbling Your Way Into Shape

Have you ever wondered about tumbling your way into shape? If you have an in-ground trampoline it is an ideal way to not only have fun but to get in shape as well. Who can ask for more than that!? It seems that most everyone is looking for ways to stay fit but are, frankly, […]

In-Ground Trampolines: Fun & Healthy

In-ground trampolines, long-loved by children, are a great way to get in shape. It is one of the latest in a line of fitness crazes — but one with lasting power because rebounding helps you to maintain health in both mind and body. When you’re on a trampoline — rebounding — you are airborne and […]

Trampoline Safety Jumping Tips

Jumping on a trampoline is one of the closest ways you can get to flying! (Well, without being in an airplane, of course!) Trampolines, especially in-ground trampolines, are growing in popularity. Why? They are a relatively inexpensive method of getting in shape in your own backyard. Children love them. Jumping on a trampoline is also […]

How To Get Fit On An In-Ground Trampoline

You’ve heard that exercising on an in-ground trampoline is not only a fun way to get in shape, but it’s a way to get fit and stay healthy without putting any stress or strain on your bones, joints and back. Have you ever wondered, though how to get fit on an in-ground trampoline? It is […]

Reasons To Exercise On An In-Ground Trampoline

Do you avoid exercising because taking an aerobics class makes your back and knees ache? Do you yearn for a run, but know that when you get done your knees and hips will be throbbing? You want to get in shape, but you have been doing all you can to avoid it because the benefits […]

2018 In-Ground Trampoline Resolutions

You know how it goes. The new year rolls around and you think, “I need to make some resolutions.” Here are some 2018 in-ground trampoline resolutions we have come up with and you may just find some more! If you received an in-ground trampoline for a gift this season, you may wonder how to use […]

Why Kids Love In-Ground Trampolines

In-ground trampolines are fun for the entire family and we’ll bet that your children have been asking for one for quite some time now, right? Why kids love in-ground trampolines is no mystery — they are just plain fun.  If your children have been asking for an in-ground trampoline, you may need some more convincing […]

Five Trampoline Safety Tips

Holiday shopping season is upon us. What is on the wish list in your family? If everyone has been clamoring for an in-ground trampoline, we are here to say they are a great item and are fun for the whole family. What can you do if you’re on the fence about getting an in-ground trampoline […]

Trampolines: Fitness Fun

Fitness and fun rarely seem to go hand-in-hand, but if you own an in-ground trampoline they will! Trampolines: Fitness fun just go together. When you invest in an in-ground trampoline you will find out that you can amp up your exercise routine while having fun with your family and getting fit at the same tim. […]

Reasons to own a trampoline

The holidays are fast approaching and if your children are writing their holiday wish lists you may be wondering if there are reasons to own a trampoline. If your children have played on one at a friends’ house or if they jump on trampolines at school, you may decide to invest in an in ground […]

Should you get a trampoline? 5 tips

Should you get a trampoline? 5 tips to help you decide, because chances are your children have been asking for one for a while now and you’ve been wondering many things about in-ground trampolines. Here are some tips to help you decide whether an in-ground trampoline is right for your family. Should you get a […]

How To Clean An In-Ground Trampoline

Because your in-ground trampoline is out of doors you may not even think about having to clean it. If you’re wondering how to clean in in-ground trampoline and when, we offer some tips to help you with the process. Even though the trampoline is outside, it is exposed to the elements — rain, wind, dirt […]

In-ground Trampoline Safety Tips

Both in-ground and above ground trampolines need to be used wtih safety in mind. Responsible in-ground trampoline ownership means that the adults in the household need ot set rules and that everyone needs to follow them to assure no one is injured on the in-ground trampoline. When children, or adults for that matter, land incorrectly […]

Get healthy on a trampoline

How can you get in shape in your own backyard in a way that won’t be jarring on your muscles and joints? By using an in-ground trampoline you can get and stay in shape in a way that won’t stress your joints. Talk wtih your doctor to make certain that exercising on an in-ground trampoline […]

Unique Use For Your In-Ground Trampoline

Chances are you’ve heard of a “campoline”? If you haven’t it is one of the latest things in ways to enjoy your in-ground trampoline and entertain the children. Summer may be almost coming to an end in many parts of the country, but there are still many warm weekends ahead and if that’s the case […]

In-ground Trampolines Benefit Outdoor Aesthethics

Your children have been bugging you to get a trampoline, but you think “a trampoline on ‘stilts’ and the netting will become the focus of the backyard ‘decor’ and we don’t want that.” Hey, we get it! If you have a swimming pool and a backyard in which you love entertaining friends and family you […]

In-ground Trampolines Are Safer Than Others

Many a summer hour is spent by children jumping on trampolines and for good reason. They are just plain fun! Children and adults love trampolines. The idea of jumping high in the air and bouncing lightly back to ear, the wind in your hair and the feeling of being weightless is a carefree way to […]

Health Benefits Of Jumping On A Trampoline

Jumping on a trampoline, also known as “rebounding” is a great way to get in shape. Also, jumping on a trampoline means you can exercise in a way that doesn’t cause undue stress or strain on your muscles or joints because you’re jumping onto a surface that “gives” rather than remains solid, as if you […]

Benefits of in-ground trampolines

Is an In-Ground Trampoline better than an above ground trampoline? This is a question we get asked all of the time when we talk with individuals and families who want to get a trampoline. Benefits of in-ground trampolines An in-ground trampoline is safer than an above ground because of the height factor — the distance between […]

Trampoline Myths Debunked

If your children have been asking for their own trampoline, this is the summer you should say, “yes!” A trampoline is a staple of fun in gymnasiums nd backyards across the country, and in-ground trampolines make owning a trampoline even safer. Still not sure whether a trampoline is right for you? Here are a few myths […]

What Is An InGround Trampoline?

What Is An InGround Trampoline? Do you remember the joy you had when you were a child and jumped on an inground trampoline, either at school, in your own backyard or at a friend’s house? If you do, you remember the feeling of flying through the air, bouncing back down and doing it all over […]

Now what?

You’ve done your research and you’ve made up your mind. An in ground trampoline system is going to be the newest addition to your backyard. Now for the hard part, who do we hire someone to do the installation? Do we do it ourselves? DIY: Can we do it ourselves? Yes! You can absolutely put […]


What is rebounding? Rebounding is a form of exercise and physical therapy executed on a trampoline. Rebounding is commonly used to help children with limited mobility and those who suffer from neurological disorders. In addition, rebounding is a commonly used therapy for autism and down syndrome. Rebounding therapy involves a series of movements done on […]

Road to New York City Marathon

The New York City Marathon is one of the largest in the world. The 2014 New York Marathon saw over 50 thousand runners, participants came from all of the United States and the world. Runners start in Staten Island and finish in Central Park, 26.2 miles. I’ve decided to run. I’ve put in my bid […]

Air Flow

What about air flow? That is one of the most commonly asked question I get here at In-Ground Trampolines. Maybe you know or maybe you don’t know, but air flow is a very important thing for any trampoline system. Without proper air flow the bounce and effectiveness of your in ground trampoline system can be […]

Your Backyard Trampoline

The IGT in-ground trampoline system is the perfect addition to any backyard The backyard. A place for barbeques and cookouts. Tag and hide and seek. A place for looking at the stars and catching fireflies. Your backyard helps to make a house a home. An IGT in-ground trampoline system is the perfect addition to any […]

In-Ground Trampolines Are Better

Is an IGT In-Ground Trampoline really better than an above ground trampoline? The short answer is Yes. An in-ground trampoline reduces height injury, looks more appealing in your yard, and provides great bounce. Safety First and foremost an in ground trampoline is safer than above ground trampoline simply because of the height factor. The distance between […]


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