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5 In-ground Trampoline Landscaping Ideas

Summer is on the horizon. If you live in Arizona, where our business is proudly located, summer has been here for a while now! What we want to talk about today are 5 in-ground trampoline landscaping ideas.

The beauty of the in-ground trampoline is that it blends in with your landscaping and doesn’t detract from anything you have already done in your yard to make it aesthetically appealing.

5 In-ground Trampoline Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping will help you get more enjoyment out of the yard space you have. Additionally, “proper” landscaping will also help you get a great “flow” in the yard and to and from the house. Swimming pool owners understand this and work closely with their pool contractors to ensure there is a great flow around the pool area itself and to get into the pool from the house. The same can be, and should be, done for your in-ground trampoline.


  1. What is your budget? Know what you can afford to budget for the landscaping around the in-ground trampoline. Knowing what your budget is is necessary before you work with a contractor to beautify your space.
  2. Will you landscape to attract, or detract, from the fact that you have an in-ground trampoline? Some trampoline owners want to announce to the world that they have one, other trampoline owners want to keep it on the downlow. You need to decide where you fall in that group and landscape accordingly.
  3. Plant for beauty and scent but beware of bees and birds. When you’re on the trampoline, breathing in the scent of flowers will enhance the experience. You don’t want to plant anything that will draw too many birds because they you are dealing with bird droppings. Bees are beneficial to the environment, but may not be so beneficial to the trampoline space unless you are careful where you step and how closely you plant to the trampoline.
  4. Where will you sit when you’re not on the in-ground trampoline? Where will you relax when you just want to watch the children or other family member on the trampoline. Keep in mind that supervision is a part of responsible trampoline ownership and you may as well be comfortable when doing the supervising, right?
  5. What if you want to use the in-ground trampoline once the sun has set? If you work long hours or leave early in the morning you may be faced with rebounding in low light. Because you need to be safe at all times you need to ensure the trampoline is lighted for safety. Consider stringing LED lights around the area where you will be using the trampoline and where you will be sitting and relaxing when you’re in “supervisory mode.”

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