6 Fun Trampoline Facts

6 Fun Trampoline Facts

Did trampolines just come about recently? What was the impetus behind the creation and manufacture of above ground and inground trampolines? We have compiled 6 fun trampoline facts you may not have known.

You can wow your friends and famiy with this insight, information and fun history!

6 Fun Trampoline Facts

It was hard to narrow it down to six facts, so stay tuned because during the course of this year we will wow you with even more! Imagine how much fun trampoline trivia night will be! Is there such a thing? If not, start your own!

  1. Bill Gates has a trampoline room in his house! If a multi-millionaire has trampolines, you know they are cool!
  2. While we don't recommend you do this at home -- the record for the number of backflips in a minute is 49!
  3. The two inventors of the trampoline, George Nissen and Larry Griswold, rented a kangaroo and had it jump on the trampoline in Central Park to show how fun it was!
  4. The world's largest trampoline is 63,000 feet in diameter and is a group of tramoplines all put together.
  5. Twenty-two feet! That is the highest jump recorded by a trampoline rebounder.
  6. Trampolines are safer than you think. In fact, it's fewer than 300 injuries reported a year and most of those could have been avoided.

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