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Above-ground Vs. In-ground Trampolines

Above-ground vs. in-ground trampolines. They each have their advantages and “disadvantages” the biggest of which is whether you want something that is more “permanent” or one that is moveable. In-ground trampolines fit into your landscape because they are virtually invisible.

Above-ground trampolines, as you can imagine are visible in your yard. Do you know what an in-ground trampoline is? It is essentially like the name says — a hole is excavated and the trampoline frame is placed inside and the jump mat is flush with the ground. It doesn’t detract from any landscaping and that’s why many people opt for this style.

Above-ground Vs. In-ground Trampolines

Here are some items to consider when deciding on whether you will get an in-ground or an above-ground trampoline for your family.

  1. As mentioned, the view may be impacted by an above ground trampoline, but not an in-ground.
  2. You may get a better bounce height from an above-ground trampoline. Airflow is what gives bounce height.
  3. The above ground trampoline is usually faster to put together and won’t require you to excavate a hole in which to place the in-ground trampoline.
  4. An in-ground trampoline is generally considered safer because you’re starting out jumping from a lower height than with above ground. With both types, you should invest in a safety net.
  5. Both above-ground and in-ground trampolines will require maintenance.
  6. Because the above-ground trampoline has its frame exposed it may be more prone to rusting. Although if the hole into which your in-ground trampoline is placed has standing water, this can also be an issue.
  7. Snow and rain and ice can pile up on both models and you will need to ensure you’re removing the snow and ice so it doesn’t damage the mat.
  8. Above ground trampolines typically cost less than in-ground trampolines and they are also less costly to have installed because you’re not having to excavate.

The verdict? It’s all about your personal preference. Give us a call, though if you’re still struggling to make a decision.

Call us if you have any questions about trampolines — inground or above ground — give us a call! We can answer any other questions you have about a trampoline purchase — inground or above ground.

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