Air Flow

Air Flow

What about air flow?

That is one of the most commonly asked question I get here at In-Ground Trampolines. Maybe you know or maybe you don’t know, but air flow is a very important thing for any trampoline system. Without proper air flow the bounce and effectiveness of your in ground trampoline system can be severely diminished. More air flow creates a better bounce.

So what about our air flow?

In ground trampolines has specifically designed spring pad that allows the air to flow around the inside as well as the outside of the spring pad. While you jump the pad lifts slightly, allowing the air to escape. With each jump, air flows between your trampoline pit and the outside. Please note that at In-Ground Trampolines we designed this complete system to go in the ground. All other systems use an above ground trampoline and adapt it to go in the ground.

But wait, there’s more!

This year, 2015, we have also introduced a brand new, high performance, anti-slip, jump mat. This jump mat has 15X greater air flow than our previous jump mat. The air not only flows between the springs, but also through the jump mat’s surface. This increase of air flow gives the trampoline a bigger, more high performance style bounce.

I can confidently say that the combination of our high performance jump mat and our breathable spring pad, we have created the best in-ground trampoline you can find. If your thinking of this trampoline as a fun addition to your backyard or a place where your child/athlete can practice at home, you will not be disappointed in the worlds only complete In-Ground Trampoline system.

15' Jump Mat

12' Jump Mat

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