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Can Toddlers Use Trampolines?

Adults benefit from time spent on a trampoline because you can get in shape without fear of injury to bones and joints because you’d be landing on the soft jump mat rather than on the hard ground. Although if you’re wondering, can toddlers use trampolines? That might be a different answer.

Whether you have an in-ground trampoline, an above ground trampoline or even a mini trampoline that you use for exercise safety is always the biggest factor with trampolines.

Let’s face it, toddlers can injure themselves simply by running through the yard! If your toddler is on a trampoline — he or she must jump alone unless you’re going to stand on the trampoline and hold her hands while she jumps. Don’t jump along with her because the disparity in weight could lead to her being injured.

Can Toddlers Use Trampolines?

Don’t let toddlers jump on a trampoline together because someone is bound to bump into the other and could bump heads or otherwise get hurt.

Safety bars for toddlers on trampolines is a great way to help them stay steady while jumping on the springy mat.

If you ask your family physician, he or she will likely tell you that no child under the age of six should be jumping on a trampoline. Under the age of six, the bones of a child are simply to fragile to handle the repetitive pressure that comes from jumping on a trampoline.

Mini trampolines — even those specifically designed for and marketed to the parents of toddlers, may not be as safe as you’d imagine. It all comes back to the fragility of the bones of a child under the age of six.

Yes, jumping on a trampoline is great fun, but protect your child and his or her bones and wait until they are six years old before they begin jumping.

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