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Five benefits of an in-ground trampoline rebounding workout

Exercising on a trampoline is considered an ideal way for adults (and children) to exercise. Why? Because when you jump on a trampoline you are experiencing a bout of weightlessness at the top of the jump and when you hit the bottom of the mat you’re experiencing about 4G of force on the mat. BUT even when you land, you’re not putting any stress or strain on your joints or muscles because the soft jump mat is taking away the force of the impact and cushioning your landing.

Five benefits of an in-ground trampoline rebounding workout

Here are five other ways trampoline exercise is great for your body.

  1. It’s a fun way to lose weight and stay fit. Fun? Exercise? In the same sentence? It’s true! A study performed by NASA found that a 150-pound person who spent an hour on an in-ground trampoline burned more calories than that same person would if he was jogging! Rebounding supports your metabolism and that helps you lose weight. Rebounding at a moderate pace gets you moving and doesn’t stress your metabolism. If you rebound at a moderate intensity three or four times a week you are on your way to fitness!
  2. You will increase your lymphatic flow. Moving toxins in and out of your body keeps your lymphatic system functioning healthier. A healthy lymphatic system rids your body of unwanted waste and unhealthy toxins. When you jump on the in-ground trampoline you are getting a whole body workout. And this increases your lymphatic flow.
  3. Detoxification benefits from jumping. When you are rebounding you are getting a unique form of exercise that allows you to be in a momentary weightless state. The force of gravity when you land benefits all of your muscles, cells and lymphatic system. If you’re looking for detoxification benefits, jump for just fifteen minutes a day.
  4. Improve your immune system. A healthy and strong immune system will help you ward off colds, the flu and other infections and illnesses. Again, the increase in flow through the lymphatic system boosts your immune system because you’re removing toxins and that might keep you healthier.
  5. Cellulite be gone! Rebounding on an in-ground trampoline is like “pumping” your body. When you pump your body you are seeing positive benefits on your thyroid gland. Rebounding is a way to stimulate your thyroid and helps it clean itself of stored fat. This stored fat is cellulite. It’s been proven that rebounding will help eliminate cellulite and who doesn’t want that?!

There are myriad benefits to rebounding and when you add in that it’s just plain fun, is there any reason you’re not using an in-ground trampoline every day?



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