How To Be Safe On A Trampoline

How To Be Safe On A Trampoline

In-Ground Trampolines: Better & Safer and that is because of education on how to be safe on a trampoline and better, safer equipment on the market. When we talk with our customers or potential customers and they're asking whether they should get an in-ground trampoline, we share with them the ins and outs of how to buy and safely use a trampoline.

Why is an in-ground trampoline better and safer?

Because the in-ground trampoline is ground level, rather than elevated the way an above ground trampoline is, it is inherently safer. That being said, when you're airborne many feet above the ground, an injury can occur IF safety measures and trampoline use rules aren't adhered to.

It is up the adults in the house to assure everyone who uses the trampoline -- whether above ground or in-ground use it safely.

A benefit that many new trampoline owners find with an in-ground trampoline is that it doesn't negatively impact the beauty of a landscaped yard.

How To Be Safe On A Trampoline

  1. In-ground trampolines are safer because they are ground level. The distance between the ground and the jumper is reduced. Injuries can still happen, but then it could happen if you're walking down a sidewalk and trip and fall or if you get injured playing sports.
  2. The in-ground trampolines we sell are safer because ours are manufactured using high quality USA-made products and make certain no pieces of metal are exposed. The in-ground trampoline systems we sell come with spring pad covers designed to protect jumpers from landing on a metal spring or the retaining wall. The in-ground trampoline pad covers the lip of the trampoline retaining wall and adds an additional few inches of protection.
  3. Invest in safety equipment for your in-ground trampoline to make it safer. We sell safety net adapter kits that are installed on the retaining walls and allow for a safety net enclosure to be added.
  4. An in ground trampoline is attractive. This is not a safety measure, just another benefit of an in-ground trampoline.
  5. Our customers chose in-ground trampolines from our company because of the high quality of the system and the service we provide.

Know how you will use your trampoline -- gymnastics, recovery from an injury, a fun way to get in shape or a place for your children to play. An in-ground trampoline system will deliver satisfaction for all these uses!

Look for a jump mat that is designed for the use you want. The jump pads and mats we sell with all our in-ground trampolines are specifically designed for airflow in the trampoline pit to escape between the pad and the springs. Proper airflow allows for a better jump experience.

If you have any questions about trampolines — inground or above ground — give us a call! We can answer any other questions you have about a trampoline purchase — inground or above ground.

If you’re thinking about getting an above ground or an inground trampoline this year, give us a call. Let’s talk about the best trampoline for you, your family and your budget.

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