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How To Buy A Trampoline For Your Family?

The question of how to buy a trampoline for your family doesn't seem like it should take all that much thought, right? Wrong! This is an accessory and a place for fun and to get a workout that will be with you and your family for many, many years and you need to put time and thought into the decision.

How To Buy A Trampoline For Your Family

If you've ever jumped on a trampoline, you may think you're an expert at it and that might translate to buying one as well. Not so fast!
  1. Take your time making your decision. Talk with us and ask us our advice based on your family size, the size of your yard, how many people will be using it, the ages and the fitness level of those who want to use an in-ground trampoline to get in shape. There are many, many things to consider.
  2. Try them out. Take a jump on a few trampolines to see what type you like, and what type you may not like. The shape, the style the bounce of the jump mat and the springs all play a role in the quality and workmanship of the trampoline.
  3. What accessories will you want? There are many accessories for trampolines and you will want to ask your in-ground trampoline supplier which he recommends. You will also want to invest in accessories that are specifically suited to the trampoline you're buying. You never want to "retrofit" an accessory because you could risk damaging your trampoline or even risk injury if the accessory isn't made for your trampoline.
  4. Will you need assistance setting it up? Can you set it up on your own? This is something to ask the in-ground and above ground trampoline supplier with whom you're working. You also need to follow all the instructions to a "t" to prevent any accidents from happening once the trampoline is in use.
Once the trampoline is in place, you need to make certain your children know the rules of the trampoline and those should include:
  1. Not wearing shoes on it
  2. Not jumping with more than one person at a time
  3. Not jumping when there is no adult supervision
  4. Not doing back flips
  5. If you have an above ground trampoline, no one should jump from the jump mat to the ground. Use a ladder or lower yourself off the side.
Give us a call when you're ready to buy your Made in the USA in-ground or above ground trampoline.
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