How To Have A Happy Halloween This Year

How To Have A Happy Halloween This Year

Boooooo! Do you hear the children running around your neighborhood waiting for their trick or treat treats? Well, this year may be different and there may not be as many children knocking on doors for candy, but if you are going to take your children around, we have tips on how to have a happy Halloween this year.

Don't let your children miss out on the fun of dressing up in a costume and knocking on doors for treats! As adults we think, "why not just go to the store and buy some candy." But as a child, dressing up and being outside in the dark and knocking on doors is a thrill.

How To Have A Happy Halloween This Year

Even if you're not going to let your little ghouls and goblins walk around the neighborhood this year, you may have relatives who live close who will offer up some candy.

There may be people in your neighborhood who will be planning a way to socially distance and give children candy.

Trunk or treats are popular. Individuals decorate their car trunks, fill it with candy and treats then gather in a central location. The children can then visit each vehicle and grab a treat. That's a great way to have fun and be safe.

Once you're done trick or treating, why not set up a few lighted pumpkins in the backyard and spend some time together on the family trampoline! What a great way to wrap up a fun evening.

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