Inground Trampolines


How To Make An Informed Trampoline Decision

There is no doubt that in-ground trampolines are fun for everyone in the family – children and adults. When you’re trampoline shopping you can opt for an in-ground style or an above ground trampoline. In-ground models are popular for safety reasons and aesthetic reasons.

An in-ground trampoline is installed at ground level and most of the hardware sits underground in an excavated area. The in-ground trampoline kit you purchase should include all of the necessary parts. This is a style that blends seamlessly into your landscape and won’t detract from any other outdoor amenities such as a swimming pool or outdoor living space.

How To Make An Informed Trampoline Decision

In-ground trampolines are considered safer because they are close to the ground. This may or may not be true because if someone jumps too high and misses the trampoline mat on his or her landing, an injury may occur. A benefit of “falling” from an in-ground trampoline is that you’re closer to the ground.

Many children feel more comfortable in an in-ground trampoline because they may be afraid of the height of the above ground model and then when they jump they are even higher from the ground. A safety net is a good investment regardless of whether you get an in-ground trampoline or an above ground. You can remove the net on your in-ground trampoline if you’re hosting a party and don’t want to detract from the appeal of your backyard aesthetic.

In-ground trampolines are easier to access because you don’t have to ascend or descend a ladder to use it.

Keep in mind that the larger the jump mat is, the safer the trampoline will be because it is a larger area for jumping and landing.

Once you decide on the placement of the in-ground trampoline you are committing to that space in your yard. With an above ground trampoline you can move it if you want to re-landscape or add to the backyard accessories. Know where you want to put the in-ground trampoline  and keep it for the long term.

The air flow in an in-ground trampoline will not be as much as with an above ground model and some individuals say that they don’t feel they’re getting as good a bounce as they would on an above ground style. It may make sense to try one out before you buy it.

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