Inground Trampolines

In-Ground Trampolines Are Better

Is an IGT In-Ground Trampoline really better than an above ground trampoline?

The short answer is Yes. An in-ground trampoline reduces height injury, looks more appealing in your yard, and provides great bounce.


First and foremost an in ground trampoline is safer than above ground trampoline simply because of the height factor. The distance between the ground and the jumper is greatly reduced. Yes injury can still happen, just like with any sports equipment, but the chances of a height related injury are not as likely. With an above ground trampoline injury can occur when children and animals crawl underneath the trampoline while someone is jumping on it. An in ground system eliminates the risk of that particular injury. An IGT trampoline is safer than any run of the mill above ground trampoline because we make sure that no metal pieces of the trampoline are exposed. An IGT system comes with a spring pad cover, specifically designed to protect jumpers from landing on the hard metal springs and retaining wall. Our pad comes over the lip of the trampoline retaining wall, adding that extra couple of inches of protection from the retaining wall. If you are concerned about extra safety measures we do carry a safety net adapter kit. Which is installed on the out side of the retaining walls and allows for a safety net enclosure to be added to the IGT system.


An in ground trampoline is a much more attractive option than an above ground trampoline. Your view doesn’t need to be obstructed by unappealing metal frame of a trampoline system. Instead picture your backyard sightline exactly as is but with happy jumping kids. An IGT system comes with your choice of green pad or a blue pad.


Many of our customers have purchased the IGT system for the athlete in the family. Whether it's for gymnastics, cheerleading, or karate, the IGT system seriously delivers. Our pad is specially designed to let airflow in and out of the trampoline pit by escaping between the pad and the springs. The IGT trampoline system comes with the highest spring counts of any comparable size trampoline, 96 springs for a 12’ and 120 springs for a 15’. The springs of a trampoline are like the engine of a car, that’s where you get all your bounce power! The 8 ½ inch, American made, pre galvanized springs are guaranteed to deliver in both bounce and durability.

In short, an IGT system provides amazing, safe, family fun.

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