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Is It Safe To Use A Trampoline If You’re Pregnant?

Is It Safe To Use A Trampoline If You’re Pregnant? It’s a question some people ask us and we defer them to their doctor as he or she is the person to contact for a sensitive question like that. What we have heard though that it isn’t a bad way for a pregnant woman to stay in shape — as long as there is NO high jumping.

Jumping on a trampoline provides many health benefits, but pregnancy changes the way in which you could — and should — use a trampoline. The main reasons for concern are that a woman who is pregnant has a different center of balance and could easily fall. If you were active prior to pregnancy, a low impact workout on a trampoline — inground or above ground — may be approved by your doctor.

Is It Safe To Use A Trampoline If You’re Pregnant?

Here are some of the concerns about using a trampoline if you’re pregnant.

  1. Your center of gravity is off
  2. If you fall on your belly you could injure yourself. Your body is built to adapt to carrying a baby and you should be safe, but there is no reason to take a chance.

If you use a trampoline here is what to consider.

  1. It’s best to stay active and a “workout” on a trampoline is safer than running or jogging on your joints
  2. Jumping on a trampoline helps your knees, hips and legs from the additional weight they are carrying
  3. You can do light bouncing. Don’t take to the air. But light bouncing is good for your circulation and activity is better than inactivity.
  4. Jog in place. When you jog on a trampoline, you’re softening the impact when you land and you’re also improving your balance
  5. Walk in place. If you get tired and achy from a walk around the neighborhood, a walking in place or walking the perimeter of the trampoline is a great way to get in shape — or stay in shape.

Talk with your doctor then find a trampoline that fits your lifestyle and yard space for the duration of your pregnancy and beyond. Rebounding is a great way to regain your shape and stay healthy once the baby is born.

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