rebounding is healthier than jogging

Is Rebounding Healthier Than Jogging?

We have a trick question for you. Will you burn more calories rebounding on a trampoline than you will jogging? Not such a trick question because you can! If you have ever wondered, is rebounding healthier than jogging? We can tell you it is. The main reason is that when you're on a trampoline you are landing on a soft surface and when you jog you are pounding the pavement -- literally -- and that can lead to hip and joint pain.

Here are some fun in-ground and above ground trampoline facts:

  1. It only takes ten minutes of rebounding to burn as many calories as you would on a thirty minute jog!
  2. Fitness classes are featuring trampoline exercises as a way to offer healthy activities without risk of injury
  3. When you are jumping on a trampoline it never feels like exercise!

Is Rebounding Healthier Than Jogging?

Here are 5 reasons to choose to use a trampoline to get fit and healthy

  1. When you jump on a trampoline you won't cause your knees or hips any injury
  2. You not only get a great workout, you strengthen your lymphatic system and that makes you healthier
  3. You burn more calories in a shorter time
  4. You enhance your balance and coordination and that's ideal as we age
  5. Wouldn't you rather get fit in a way that doesn't feel like work!?

Baby Boomers looking for a way to get into an exercise routine -- especially if you're gaining weight because you've been inactive, a trampoline is a way to to just that. Talk with your doctor and let him or her know this is how you are going to get fit -- we bet your doc will agree it's a great idea!

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