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Road to New York City Marathon

The New York City Marathon is one of the largest in the world. The 2014 New York Marathon saw over 50 thousand runners, participants came from all of the United States and the world. Runners start in Staten Island and finish in Central Park, 26.2 miles.

I’ve decided to run. I’ve put in my bid and started my training. Which is horrific. I’m kidding.

Not really. Running is hard. It’s a sport. They give people medals for this kind of thing.

I have never run a marathon before. To be perfectly honest, I have never even run a 5k before. Sure I’ve participated, but at the leisurely pace of 18 min miles. So this is a HUGE undertaking for me. I am a brand new runner and by Nov 1st I’ll need to be running 9.5-minute miles. My current pace is hovering right around a 15-minute mile, and I am only able to run one mile at a time. I need a lot of work.

I will be training three days a week, working on building stamina and improving my pace. In addition to my running exercises I will be incorporating the benefits of the In-Ground Trampoline system.

While the IGT system is mostly associated with recreation, exercises done on the IGT system can help to build and strengthen important core and leg muscles, as well as improve cardio fitness and balance.

Thanks for following along!

Written By Erin Dickerson

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