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The Evolution Of The Trampoline

If you’re like many of us, the past few weeks and into the first part of April we are in lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic. If you’re at home with your immediate family and are spending quality time together and are on the in-ground or above ground trampoline we want to share the evolution of the trampoline.

Circus performers, if you find one to ask, will say that a man with the last name du Trampoline invented the first trampoline and it was used by trapeze artists to prevent them from hitting the ground if they fell off their trapeze.

Another theory states that a trampoline came about when large circles of people gathered, grabbed onto the end of a blanket and tossed friends into the air.

The modern trampoline — as we know it — was said to have been developed in the early 1930s by two men named Griswold and Nissen. They added the elasticity of the net from the circus and the idea of tossing someone in the air from the circle of friends. Viola — the birth of the modern-day trampoline!

Above ground and in-ground trampolines are a niche market enjoyed by children and adults. Trampolines have also found their way into the Olympics and astronauts use them to train for zero gravity. It is also purported that a six-man team jumped for more than 50 days on a trampoline.

The Evolution Of The Trampoline

Trampolines have evolved today to be safer and have a higher “bounce” than those in the past. Trampolines have strong jump mats, spring covers, safety nets and other accessories to keep those on them safe from harm.

In-ground trampolines don’t interfere with any site lines in your yard and are considered safer than above ground trampolines. Although above ground trampolines can still be found in many, many backyards across the country.

A trampoline is a great place to get in shape in a non-impact way and they are fun for children as well. Jumping on a trampoline will help with balance and weight loss and are just plain fun!

Keep everyone who uses the trampoline safe by insisting there is only one person jumping at a time, that non-slip shoes are worn or bare feet are allowed in the trampoline. Use a safety net and supervise those who use the trampoline.

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