Trampolines As Therapy

Trampolines As Therapy

Let's face it. Life is stressful! The coronavirus pandemic has lead to so many changes in our lives. We aren't working. We are homeschooling our children. Going to a grocery store is an ordeal fraught with stress and anxiety. We believe that trampolines as therapy is a real thing.

Why? When you're doing any form of activity you are getting healthy. Activity lowers stress levels. Working out takes your mind off the stressors of the day. Rebounding on an in-ground or above ground trampoline is just plain fun!

Rebounding, though has therapeutic benefits in that jumping helps move toxins through and out your body. Exercise of any form gets your heart pumping and a good cardio workout is key to health. Rebounding is fun!

When you're jumping and are airborne you just feel great. Being weightless for those brief moments before you land gently on a jump mat makes you feel like a kid again!

Did you know that many people think that Eskimos were the original "developers" of trampolines? It's thought that Eskimos used walrus skin to toss people into the air for fun and that turned into the trampolines we know today. We don't know if it's true but we like the idea of that story!

Having a trampoline in the yard or an in-ground trampoline in the garden has been a must-have accessory for those homebound families. It makes sense -- you're spending more time at home and you don't want to spend all of it staring at a screen. A trampoline is a way to bond with your family, spend time with them when they are rebounding and it's a way to get in shape without risk of an injury.

Trampolines As Therapy

  1. Rebounding can be therapeutic.
  2. Jumping on a trampoline is fun
  3. Having a trampoline is a cost-effective family fun accessory
  4. Exercising will help you face the stresses of the coronavirus pandemic and to get in shape
  5. Jumping increases your body's blood flow and increases the availability of oxygen in your body (this is ideal when faced with an illness)
  6. Lymphatic circulation is improved
  7. Jumping strengthens your muscles and joints and your balance (necessary when we age)

Know what type of trampoline you'd like -- in-ground or above ground. Decide where you will place the trampoline (make sure there are no overhead obstacles) Choose the side of trampoline and whether you want a round one or a rectangle one.

Don't sit inside the house and be stressed and anxious during the coronavirus pandemic, get out and get jumping!

If you have any questions about trampolines — inground or above ground — give us a call! We can answer any other questions you have about a trampoline purchase — inground or above ground.

If you’re thinking about getting an above ground or an inground trampoline this year, give us a call. Let’s talk about the best trampoline for you, your family and your budget.

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