Trampolines & Thanksgiving Day Go Together

Trampolines & Thanksgiving Day Go Together

Thanksgiving Day will soon be upon us. Coronavirus may be changing our travel plans and how many people we will be inviting over for the family dinner, but being with your loved ones -- even over a Zoom call -- may be the way to visit and keep everyone safe and healthy. Trampolines & Thanksgiving day go together and we'll tell you how!

Whether you're cooking for a larger gathering in which you will be wearing masks and practicing social distancing or if you're going to have a small dinner, with only immediate family, the trampoline can certainly play a role in the day!

Keep the kids occupied. If you don't want the kids running in and out of the kitchen and getting into things -- have someone take them out into the yard and watch them while they jump on the in-ground trampoline.

Work off excess energy. If the children have been sitting through dinner and a Zoom call with loved ones from far away, they may need to jump and run and burn off some energy. Time on the trampoline will again come to the rescue.

Stop the "I'm bored." If your children are bored from playing with their toys in the house or watching television, send them outside to play on the trampoline. You don't want more than one child on at a time, unless they are extremely close in weight, but let them go in and play with a few balloons.

Stay awake. Everyone knows that a heavy Thanksgiving dinner can lead to wanting to fall asleep on the couch, right? To ward off the after dinner sleepiness, take turns jumping on the trampoline.

We hope you and your family have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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