Inground Trampolines

Your Backyard Trampoline

The IGT in-ground trampoline system is the perfect addition to any backyard

The backyard. A place for barbeques and cookouts. Tag and hide and seek. A place for looking at the stars and catching fireflies. Your backyard helps to make a house a home. An IGT in-ground trampoline system is the perfect addition to any backyard. Dependable, safer than above ground trampoline, and high ranking on performance. IGT makes the only trampoline in the world that is designed for in ground installation. People have been installing their above ground trampolines in ground for years. Converting an above ground trampoline was the only option until the invention of our system. There are several ways you can install an above ground trampoline in ground. You can create your own retaining wall or you can purchase a conversion kit. A conversion kit allows you to attach a retaining wall to an already existing trampoline unit. Both options come with drawbacks. Creating a retaining wall from scratch can be expensive and time consuming. Installing and building a retaining wall can be as costly as installing a pool! While using a conversion kit can be complicated and many times it voids the manufactures warranty of the existing trampoline unit. The IGT system is designed specifically to be installed in ground. The high performance jump mat is connected to the steel 15-gauge galvanized retaining wall, directly by our American made springs. IGT’s system is the best choice for you in-ground trampoline needs. We offer a warranty on all our whole system and individual replacement parts. We also offer free consulting on all of our products.
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