Exercises Seniors Can Do On A Trampoline

Exercises Seniors Can Do On A Trampoline

When you think of jumping on a trampoline, also known as “rebounding” you probably think of children and young adults. Did you know though, that a rebounding workout is an ideal way for seniors to get and stay in shape? There are exercises seniors can do on a trampoline that will strengthen their bones and muscles and will improve their balance. If you’ve ever known anyone whose broken a hip, you know that strong bones and balance are key to a healthier life.

Where does a senior begin when looking at getting into a rebounding workout routine? How do they choose the best in-ground trampoline for their use? We have the answers!

Exercises Seniors Can Do On A Trampoline

  1. There are classes focused on trampoline workouts for seniors. A senior, keep in mind, can be anyone fifty-five-years-old or older. Look at local senior centers or health clubs for trampoline workouts.
  2. You can invest in an in-ground trampoline and work out in the comfort of your own home!
  3. You can find workout videos on line or at your local library to help you kick off your rebounding workout. You can simply get on and start bouncing. The mere act of bouncing brings benefits and you don’t need to have any fancy equipment or any specialized training.

The act of bouncing on an in-ground trampoline will help build your balance, but if you’re not stable or are hesitant to jump without some sort of support you can invest in a stability bar. This bar goes into the ground next to your in-ground trampoline and you hold on to it while you jump. Once you’re feeling steadier or have more confidence you can jump without holding the bar.

If you’re new to working out, you may want to talk with your doctor to make certain an in-ground trampoline workout is safe enough for you. Chances are he will give a resounding “yes!” because this type workout is one that won’t put any stress or strain on your joints and any kind of movement is better than no movement.

If you’re ready to get up and get moving in the new year, ask for an in-ground trampoline to be under your Christmas tree!





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