How To Get Fit On An In-Ground Trampoline

You’ve heard that exercising on an in-ground trampoline is not only a fun way to get in shape, but it’s a way to get fit and stay healthy without putting any stress or strain on your bones, joints and back. Have you ever wondered, though how to get fit on an in-ground trampoline? It is just as simple as getting on and bouncing? Well, yes… and no.

There are specific routines you can do when you’re on the in-ground trampoline to help amp up the health benefits you’re reaping from your leaping. 

How To Get Fit On An In-Ground Trampoline

Just jump. Yes, you can just jump and reap health benefits. The mere idea of being airborn and not being held hostage to gravity boosts your mood! 

Jumping jacks. Get a cardio boost by doing jumping jacks. You’ll be moving your arms and legs and getting more fit. 

The basic bounce. Hold your hands on your hips or swing them while you jump. Bend your knees slightly. Bounce no more than six inches off the trampoline. Bend your legs when you land. Do this thirty times. 

Leg lifts. You can sit in the middle of the in-ground trampoline, balance on your bent elbows and lift your legs. This is similar to “regular” leg lifts, but reduces the stress on your joints. Lift your legs, contract your abs, hold for 20 seconds, release. Repeat until you can easily do 30 leg lifts. 

Power bounces. A power bounce, with a lateral reach added will work your lower body and will also help strengthen your arms and shoulders. Do do this, sit on the trampoline, quickly stand up and bounce. Reach one arm out across your body, alternate arms every time you bounce. Return to the sitting postiion. Repeat. Work up to 30 bounces. 

In-ground trampoline push ups. Center yourself in the trampoline so you can easily get into a plank position without your toes slipping off. Do push-ups, either full arm or from bent elbow. This is easier on your joints and shoulders because the trampoline has “give” when you are lowering and then raising yourself up. Work up to 30 push ups. 

There are many exercises that can be modified to accommodate your in-ground trampoline and will be easier on your body than those done on the ground. 


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