In-ground Trampolines Are Safer Than Others

Many a summer hour is spent by children jumping on trampolines and for good reason. They are just plain fun! Children and adults love trampolines. The idea of jumping high in the air and bouncing lightly back to ear, the wind in your hair and the feeling of being weightless is a carefree way to spend a day.

A trampoline, though can cause a safety hazard unless you opt for an in-ground, sometimes called a pit, trampoline. This safer alternative is one that many families are choosing as a way to have the fun of jumping on a trampoline without the worries of injury.

In-ground Trampolines Are Safer Than Others

Above ground trampolines are the best known and most frequently seen in backyards. Parents seeking a safer alternative to above ground trampolines are looking at in-ground trampolines because they don’t have as many safety hazards and that is the benefit of switching to an in-ground rather than an above ground trampoline for your family.

In-ground trampolines physically sit in a pit in the ground leaving the bouncing surface at ground level. This placement eliminates many of the dangers caused by having an above ground trampoline. Once you buy an in-ground trampoline you will need to find an area in the yard to excavate the pit for the type, size and style of in-ground trampoline you’ve purchased. 

 When you dig the hole for the trampoline, be careful and assure you are following all of the instructions because a badly designed pit for the trampoline could lead to injury. The pit should be deep enough that the trampoline’s bounce surface is at ground level. Keep the pit drained of any water and make sure there is sufficient drainage to keep the pit dry and the area well-ventilated. Build a wall to help retain the pit’s shape so it doesn’t crumble and weaken the integrity of the in-ground trampoline. 




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