How many people can be on the trampoline at once?

This may sound like a trick question but how many people can be on the trampoline at once is something we get asked all the time. The responsible and safe answer is: one person at a time. However, we know that sometimes you will have children, of similar weights on the trampoline at the same time. Adults who are of similar weights may also be able to safely jump on the trampoline together.

Whether you’re on an inground or an above ground trampoline, the rule of thumb should be: one person at a time on the trampoline for safety sake.

We understand the world has changed and we also understand that it is more fun to be on a trampoline with someone than it is to have to sit and watch someone on the trampoline while you wait your turn. No child wants to do that, right?

How many people can be on the trampoline at once?

The answer isn’t as simple as it seems, for many trampoline owners. Round trampolines are considered “safer” for more than one person to be on at a time. Rectangle trampolines appear to be the highest risk of a collision accident if more than one person is on it — even if they are of similar weights.

There are trampolines that are of a high enough quality that the jump mats, the frames and the springs make it possible for more than one person at a time to safely use the trampoline.

Here is a checklist to see if your inground or above ground trampoline may be able to have more than one bouncer on at a time.

  1. Ask the retailer from whom you buy the trampoline what his or her advice is and what the trampoline manufacturer recommends
  2. Read the paperwork that comes with a trampoline
  3. Err on the side of caution and if you allow more than one bouncer at a time, make certain they are of similar weights. The only exception to that rule is if an adult is acting as the “steadying force” for a jumping child.

If possible, try to adhere to a one person jumping at a time as that is certainly the safest course of action.

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