How To Buy A Family Trampoline

How To Buy A Family Trampoline

“We want a trampoline!” Have your children been asking for a trampoline? It might not just be the kids who want a trampoline, though right? How to buy a family trampoline is something that we talk with our customers about all the time. It’s not kid’s play buying a trampoline, but it isn’t a decision fraught with too many obstacles, as long as you work with a trampoline dealer who is experienced in his trade and who sells made in the USA parts.

As with any purchase there are questions you will want answered and decisions you need to make before you make your final decision on the family trampoline. Believe us when we say, the entire family will ant to be involved in and jumping on the trampoline!

How To Buy A Family Trampoline

Here are some questions to ask and items to consider:

  1. Location. Where will you put the trampoline? You will want to determine this as this will help you answer the other questions.
  2. Above ground or in-ground trampoline. This goes along with the location of the trampoline. There are benefits and drawbacks to each style and you need to look at your yard with a critical eye and decide where it will go and how it will work with your current landscaping.
  3. What shape do you want? Circle, rectangle, square, octagon. Rectangle trampolines offer more bounce and a larger bounce area. Round ones are better at keeping the rebounder centered on the jump mat.
  4.  What size do you want? How many people will be using the trampoline? Remember, to keep jumpers to one at a time or to two who are essentially the same size and weight — this is a safety issue. Once you know the location of your trampoline, it will be easier to determine the size.
  5. Safety accessories. These include the quality of the jump mat, the springs, the spring covers, whether you have a trampoline enclosure and others. Talk with us about your safety concerns.

  Find a reputable in-ground or above ground trampoline seller. Ask him or her questions and let him or her guide you through the buying process based on your unique needs.


In-Ground Trampolines has a growing list certified dealers/installers. If you need a contractor in your area, we are happy to help you find one.

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