How To Enjoy The Coronavirus Quarantine

How To Enjoy The Coronavirus Quarantine

If you’re like many families across the country, you’re in quarantine. Schools are closed, you’re working from home, grocery store trips are limited and you’re wondering how to enjoy the coronavirus quarantine. That may seem like an odd thing — to “enjoy” it — but if you’re in the midst of it, you may as well make the best of it and enjoy the time with your family.

Many families are finding they have unprecedented amounts of time to spend with their families. The children are being home schooled, the parents are making the “commute” from the bedroom to the home office. Family togetherness is a prized commodity right now, right?

How To Enjoy The Coronavirus Quarantine

  1. Get into a routine. Get everyone up at a certain time, have breakfast, then you get to work and the children can get to school.
  2. Take breaks. Schedule your workday and their school lessons around breaks. No one benefits if there are no breaks. Get up. Get outdoors and jump on the trampoline. For safety sake, make sure only one person (or two people of the same weight) jump at the same time. Get the blood flowing with a quick burst of energy and you will go back to your tasks refreshed.
  3. Have lunch together. If the weather cooperates, pack a picnic lunch and get out in the yard and enjoy your lunch out there on a blanket. If the children want to, you can drape blankets around the above ground trampoline and they can eat their lunch in a “trampoline fort.”
  4. At the end of the day, spend some time alone and decompress. Just as you’d have the commute to decompress at the end of the day and the children may also have a transition from school to home you want to do that when you’re all home together. It’s a great way to delineate “work” and “school” from home life and makes it an easy transition back into family life.

What are you doing to build memories with your family while you’re all home alone together?

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