How To Store Your Trampoline For Winter

How To Store Your Trampoline For Winter

Is it winter in the area of the country in which you live? What did you do with your above ground or in-ground trampoline to get it ready for the snow? We have tips for how to store your trampoline for winter because you want it to be useful and like-new when summer 2021 comes around, right?

If you own a large trampoline, you may want to consider dismantling it to store it indoors. If you have an in-ground trampoline you can cover it with a winter cover or you can remove the jump mat and springs and store them for the snowy months.

Inclement weather and snow and ice can damage the jump mat and the weight of it can cause sagging and damage to the springs and mat, too.

Protecting your trampoline during the winter requires foresight and planning. It may seem like a headache, but the time you take now will protect your investment later.

How To Store Your Trampoline For Winter

Here are some of the issues with storing the trampoline for the winter.

  1. Not enough space
  2. Not enough time to take it apart and put it back together
  3. Not enough man power to take apart and reassemble

Remember… the time you take now will prevent any winter-related issues later.

Covers are very useful for protecting your trampoline in the winter. It will protect the mat and springs BUT if there is too much snow and ice and standing water, it could damage the structure. You will want to pay attention to the trampoline and brush it off if it gets covered with snow.

Store the trampoline jump mat and springs in a cool, dry place. Make certain it is not wet and keep the trampoline pads dry. Keep rodents away from the tramoline becae they can quickly damage it when they make your trampoline their new winter home.

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