In-Ground Trampolines: Better & Safer

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In-Ground Trampolines: Better & Safer and we’re not just saying that! When we are asked whether an in-ground trampoline is safer than an above ground trampoline, the answer is always a resounding, “yes.”

Why is an in-ground trampoline better and safer? It reduces height injury, looks more appealing in your yard and provides great bounce. If you have children in your house, it simply makes sense that if they’re jumping on a trampoline that is ground level, they won’t have the additional height of an above ground trampoline, coupled with their jump and the potential of hitting the ground and injuring themselves.

In-Ground Trampolines: Better & Safer

Safety matters. An in-ground trampoline is safer because of its lack of height. The distance between the ground and the jumper is reduced.  Of course, injury can still happen — just as it could if you’re walking down a sidewalk or using any other piece of sports equipment, but height injuries are less likely.

An above ground trampoline injury has the potential for injury in addition to the height, can happen when children and animals crawl beneath the trampoline when someone is jumping on it. This risk is completely eliminated with an in-ground trampoline.

An in-ground trampoline is safer than any above ground trampoline mainly because we use made in the USA products and make certain no pieces of metal are exposed. Your IGT system comes with a spring pad cover that is designed to protect jumpers from landing on a metal spring or the retaining wall.

The in-ground trampoline pad covers the lip of the trampoline retaining wall and adds an additional few inches of protection.

Additional safety measures for your in-ground trampoline can be purchased from us in the form of a safety net adapter kit. This is installed on the retaining walls and allows for a safety net enclosure to be added.

Aesthetics matter. An in ground trampoline is attractive.

Your view will not be obstructed by the unsightly frame of an above ground trampoline and its sky high net. With an in-ground trampoline your backyard sightlines and landscaping will not be impacted by the new in-ground trampoline system.

Performance matters. Our customers have chosen an in-ground trampoline purchase from our company because of the high quality of the system we provide.

Whether you’re using your in-ground trampoline for gymnastics, cheerleading, karate or for a fun way to get in shape, the IGT system delivers. The pad we supply with all of our in-ground trampolines are specifically designed for airflow in the trampoline pit to escape between the pad and the springs.

Our IGT trampolines come with the highest spring counts of any comparable size trampoline, 96 springs for a 12’ and 120 springs for a 15’. The springs of a trampoline are like the engine of a car, that’s where you get all your bounce power! The 8 ½ inch, American made, pre galvanized springs are guaranteed to deliver in both bounce and durability.

We know our in-ground trampolines are the best and that we deliver for our customers every time. We know that when they are rebounding — whether for fun or exercise or both — they are going to be safe and jumping on a beautiful device.


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