Make The Most Of The Quarantine On Your Trampoline

Make The Most Of The Quarantine On Your Trampoline

We are living in crazy times, right? Who would ever have imagined many states would be under quarantine and stay-in-place orders because of #coronavirus? It is unprecedented. If you’re home, though why not make the most of the quarantine on your trampoline? 

Many times we make an impulse purchase or give into the children and their asking and asking for an inground or an above ground trampoline and then they don’t use it as often as you thought they would. If everyone is home, why not have a backyard party centered around the trampoline?

Make The Most Of The Quarantine On Your Trampoline

  1. Set a trampoline party theme. Olympics, a welcome to spring picnic, dinner at dusk or how about a movie and popcorn and night under the stars? You could lay blankets on the trampoline and all sleep under the stars or lie on your backs and just stare up at the stars and the moon, but sleep indoors — your choice.
  2. Have each family member plan a trampoline routine then perform it for the rest of you. Everyone can hold up “numbered signs” to rate the performance. The person who gets the highest number wins. Find a small prize or two from around the house to give to the winners!
  3. Let the youngest children in the family spend more time on the family trampoline. Let them jump and roll around and just have fun in the sun.
  4. If you have an above ground trampoline, drape blankets over the sides and then slip under the trampoline and have yourself an outdoor backyard blanket “fort.”
  5. Look online and find some simple trampoline workout routines you can use to get in shape during this time of the quarantine. You don’t want this time to end only to find out your jeans don’t fit any longer, do you?

What can you and your children to do have fun while being forced to stay at home?

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