Trampolines Are Not Just For Children

Where are Grandma and Grandpa? If you said, “out jumping on the trampoline” you wouldn’t be too far from the truth! Trampolines are not just for children anymore. Seniors and anyone who wants to get in shape in a way that won’t cause harm to bones and joints are jumping (see what we did there) on the in-ground or above-ground trampoline craze!

There is hardly a day that goes by when you don’t read in the paper or in a magazine article, hear on the radio or see on television that “sitting is the new heart attack.” We are increasingly sedentary and that is leading to many health issues and increases in diabetes and cardiovascular disease. How can we combat that? By getting up and moving!

Trampolines Are Not Just For Children

Chances are your doctor will not approve of your hopping up from the couch and trying to run a marathon! Your doctor will approve of a slow and steady wins the race type approach to fitness.

When going from a couch potato to someone who wants to live a longer, healthier and happier life, you want to start out slowly. You will want to start an exercise routine that will help, not hurt, you. Walking is a great way to begin your exercise and fitness routine. Even if you get up and walk only five minutes a day, you’re doing something that will benefit you and your longevity. Walk five minutes a day the first week, then move up to ten minutes a day the next week and so on.

Walk several times a day. Walking after meals is a great way to aid in digestion and to start a routine. Take a walk after breakfast, lunch and dinner and maybe even before bedtime.

If you are walking and have been for a while now and want to do something else to add to your fitness routine, you may want to add jumping on a trampoline to the fitness routine.

Whether you have an in-ground or an above ground trampoline, rebounding provides a myriad of health benefits and is a workout you can do without fear of injury.

So, if you’re looking for Grandma and Grandpa — look to the trampoline!

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