15 Ways To Prevent Trampoline Injuries

15 trampoline safety tips

Trampolines are both fun and a great place to exercise and families continue to prize them. They are ideal for young and old and can be used to get into shape or to stay in shape if you’re already fit. Children love them and as long as they are used cautiously, they are safe and fun. There are 15 ways to prevent trampoline injuries as well as common sense tips.

There is no denying that there are trampoline injuries that occur annually and many of them could have been avoided with safety measures being in place.

15 Ways To Prevent Trampoline Injuries

What are some common trampoline injuries?

  1. Broken bones
  2. Sprains
  3. Strains
  4. Concussions
  5. Bruises
  6. Cuts and scrapes

Many of these injuries could have been prevented, by:

  1. Not letting people try stunts
  2. Landing on the frame or springs
  3. Landing the wrong way when jumping
  4. Jumping or falling off the trampoline

Here are ways to prevent trampoline – both above ground or in-ground trampolines.

  1. Use spring covers and pads
  2. Only allow one person at a time to jump on the trampoline
  3. Use a safety net
  4. Don’t place the trampoline near any overhead branches or roof overhangs
  5. Check the jump mat to ensure there are no rips or tears

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