Benefits Of Going Barefoot

Benefits Of Going Barefoot

We’ve written before that you should always go barefoot when you’re on your in-ground or above-ground trampoline. Shoes could unintentionally rip the jump mat but more importantly, feeling the trampoline jump mat beneath your feet helps with the benefits you get from time spent on a trampoline. There are many benefits of going barefoot, and not just while you’re on the trampoline. 

When is the last time you’ve gone barefoot? Do you even go barefoot in your house? Can you remember the last time your bare feet touched the grass or the sand? Today’s society means we are usually wearing shoes and socks and in many ways wearing shoes makes your feet weaker.

Being barefoot brings physical as well as mental health benefits. Walking on the earth puts you in touch with the elements and makes you at one with nature and that is a great way to clear your mind and relax more than if you were walking with shoes and socks on.

Here are other reasons to go barefoot.

Without shoes, your body needs to rely on itself for physical balance. Your vestibular system – the part of your body that is responsible for your balance – helps stimulate neural connections and keeps you upright. As you age, balance is a crucial health element to focus on. Seniors who don’t have good balance are more prone to falls and broken bones that can lead to health declines and even death.

Kids usually love the feeling of grass and warm earth beneath their feet and toes. Health in the body begins from the ground up. If you have healthy feet you’re better able to run, bike and jump on your trampoline. Pediatricians may even recommend keeping your children shoeless for as long as possible when they are babies just to help them use and strengthen their feet.

It’s been said that people who go barefoot have an increased immunity. Getting stronger and being more active strengthens your immune system and being barefoot has been tied to that activity.

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