7 Trampoline Fun Facts

Are you spending a lot of time on your in-ground or above ground trampoline? Do you invite friends and family over for trampoline time and then maybe a cookout or party? If so, do you want to wow your guests with your trivia knowledge? We have 7 trampoline fun facts you can add to trivia night around the trampoline this summer!

7 Trampoline Fun Facts

  1. The largest trampoline is 63,000 square feet, is in Glasgow, and is several trampolines connected together? How big is your trampoline?
  2. Here’s a two-for-one trivia fact. The first trampoline was constructed in 1936 by George Nissen and Larry Griswold. Nissen rented a kangaroo to jump on the trampoline with him, in Central Park, to show people how a trampoline worked!
  3. In 2017 Lucas Laurent did 49 backflips on a trampoline in less than one minute! We don’t recommend doing backflips on your trampoline unless you’re being spotted by an expert and that you have training.
  4. Trampolines are safer than you may think! A study in the United Kingdom showed there are about 300 trampoline injuries — not 100,000 as is typically reported AND those injuries are usually cuts or sprains. Broken bones are uncommon. To prevent injuries, only one person at a time should be on the trampoline.
  5. Trampoline jumping aka rebounding is safer and healthier as a workout than jogging.
  6. Lost your balance? Jump on a trampoline and improve your stability and balance. Also, trampolining is healthy for individuals of any age.
  7. Bill Gates has a trampoline in his house. Now that you know that, and if you have your trampoline, you are in great company, right?

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