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Reasons To Take Off Your Shoes Every Day!

Walking barefoot is something that medical professionals and practitioners of yoga tout as healthy. Many people believe that walking barefoot is better for balance and it certainly helps ground you to the earth. We have reasons to take off your shoes every day and one of those reasons is simply to feel the earth beneath your feet and to enjoy the feeling and connection.

Many people are feeling disconnected right now -- coronavirus and being isolated from friends, family and even co-workers is leading to many people feeling lonely and that can lead to feelings of depression. Even children today seem to be put into shoes as soon as they take their first steps. While a child may need support on his or her ankles to help with walking, in many cases, the child may be more apt to stay upright if their feet are firmly on the ground!

Be one with nature means by trodding without shoes. Remember a time when your feet were as tough as shoe leather because when you were younger you went barefoot as often as you could?

Because we are always in shoes, our feet struggle to climb on rocks, step on pebbles or may be too sensitive to even walk comfortably on grass.

Reasons To Take Off Your Shoes Every Day!

When you're on a trampoline, you should definitely do so sans shoes! Jumping on a trampoline with shoes can damage the jump mat. Jumping with socks on could make it too slippery and you could land improperly. If you truly don't want to be barefoot, look for thin soled shoes with rubber soles to keep you from falling.

Here are more reasons to take your shoes off on the trampoline.

  1. Feeling the earth beneath your toes will help you have better balance.
  2. Barefoot walking helps your vestibular system -- your balance. Crucial for an aging population.
  3. Your feet are an indicator of your health. This is especially true for diabetics as they may suffer foot issues.
  4. Keeping your feet healthy starts when you're young and goes throughout your life.
  5. A little dirt won't do you in! Walking barefoot stimulates the nervous system and this helps improve immunity.

Rebounding barefoot on a trampoline lets you enjoy the sun-warmed trampoline mat beneath your feet, helps your balance and improves your health. Here's to barefoot jumping!

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