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Should You Wear Shoes On A Trampoline?

Walking barefoot — you either love it or you cringe when you think about it. Should you wear shoes on a trampoline? That is a question we get asked all the time. We recommend not wearing shoes when you’re jumping. There are many reasons for being barefoot when you’re on a trampoline, the biggest of which is that you don’t want to damage the jump mat with shoes.

Jumping with socks on isn’t safe because socks can be slippery and could lead to a fall. There are shoes specially made for jumping on a trampoline and if you simply can’t bear to be barefoot — wear those!

Should You Wear Shoes On A Trampoline?

#DitchTheShoes when you’re on the trampoline! There are many reasons and here are a few:

  1. When you jump on a trampoline and land with your barefeet you truly feel the impact of the mat against your feet — the give the material beneath your feet
  2. You’re more “at one with the” trampoline when you’re barefoot
  3. When you’re barefoot you can use your toes more easily for balance
  4. If the trampoline is in your own backyard and you’re not afraid of any germs that you may be exposed to on a public trampoline — then there is no fear
  5. Wear your shoes until you get ready to get on the trampoline, put your shoes in a special trampoline bag and jump away!
  6. Jumping barefoot enhances your vestibular system — the part of your body/mind responsible for balance
  7. Health starts from the soles up — if you have foot issues, jumping barefoot may help with circulation

We recommend trampolining barefoot to protect the jump mat.

Whether you decide to go barefoot when you’re not on the inground or above trampoline is a personal choice, but if you go barefoot on the trampoline you will: strengthen, enhance and put you more in touch with the sheer act of rebounding.

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