Tips On Trampoline Safety Pads

Tips On Trampoline Safety Pads

As with anything you purchase for your inground or above ground trampoline -- actually anything you purchase -- there are different levels of quality. We have put together tips on trampoline safety pads so you can be an informed consumer

Trampoline safety pads:

  1. Fit specific budgets
  2. Emphasize quality
  3. Emphasize price
  4. Premium pads are made with thicker, stronger materials like PVC
  5. Inexpensive pads are made of a lower quality polyethylene (PE)

By way of comparison, you'd find PE in low cost plastic tarps. This means that the PE will disintegrate more quickly under direct sunlight and you'll be replacing it more frequently (that could cost you more in the long run.

When you maintain all the components in your trampoline, it will be as safe as it can be and you will enjoy it for years!

Tips On Trampoline Safety Pads

What can you do to invest in the highest quality pads possible?

  1. Check your budget
  2. Understand the different weights of PVC as lower weights may allow you to invest in PVC rather than the lower cost PE

In addition to the trampoline safety pad quality, make certain it is wide enough to cover the springs without leaving any gaps.

One of the best ways to protect the trampoline pad and springs is to invest in a weather cover and use it diligently.

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